Drop Everything: Ne-Yo is Releasing New Music

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If you’re looking for some early adolescent nostalgia, look no further; Ne-Yo is dropping new music. The “Miss Independent” singer, everyone’s designated middle school crush, is back with a new single, his feature on a single pushing a new initiative for hope, and his activism are currently giving us everything we didn’t know we needed.

“U 2 Luv”

Ne-Yo’s new single, “U 2 Luv”, featuring Jeremih, and two remixes of the single additionally featuring Queen Najia and Lil Durk, are out on all streaming platforms now.

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The single, which dropped October 23, is serving late ’90s R ‘n B vibes, perfect for a lowkey night in. The remix of “U 2 Luv” featuring Queen Najia and Lil Durk has a similar sound, but with a little more rap. This remix is a little saucier than the original. The “U 2 Luv” Shift K3Y remix is a much more upbeat, hip-hop sound, similar to a dance mix.

All three versions of the song are classic Ne-Yo and are true to his music and style thus far in his career thus far. You can listen to Ne-Yo’s latest single, “U 2 Luv”, here:


Ne-Yo is also featured on a new single, “CHANGE”, which he co-wrote. Ne-Yo is featured on the track alongside other artists such as Common, Gary Clark Jr., and Jermaine Dupri.

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“CHANGE” was written to inspire others during the distressing, difficult times we are currently facing amidst the COVD-19 pandemic and the United States 2020 election. It is meant to bring hope and strength, something we could all use right now. “CHANGE” is a power ballad and an anthem for the rest of 2020.

You can listen to “CHANGE” here:

Activism for Black Lives

Ne-Yo has recently been featured on “Shop Talk: Black Men Lead”, a virtual roundtable part of the Biden-Harris campaign. “Shop Talk” highlights racial injustice black communities face every day, particularly focusing on black men.

Ne-Yo is also fighting to bring diversity and change to the technology industry. Ne-Yo sits on the Board of Trustees at the Holberton School, which is a software engineering school dedicated to fixing the lack in diversity amongst those working in or studying technology.

Ne-Yo also performed at George Floyd’s funeral in Houston this summer and gave a touching testament to his life.

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