Vision Boards: The Best Way to Manifest Your New Year

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As 2021 dwindles down to a close and we approach the new year, we begin to set goals for all the things we hope to see, do and accomplish in our next trip around the sun. As we lay this year to rest and begin to set intentions for the one yet to come, we can begin to manifest all the things we’d like to see come to fruition in 2022.

Whether you’re new to the art of manifestation or feel like an old pro, manifesting the entire next calendar year can be pretty daunting. An easy way to approach this major task can be as simple as making a Pinterest board — you read that right. Vision boards are a commonly-used manifestation technique that can help you reach your dreams in the new year — and VALLEY is here to guide you through it!

How it Works

The beauty behind vision boards is that they help you visualize your goals. Having a physical reminder of what you want is important when manifesting, and vision boards achieve that by their very nature.

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By making a vision board specific to 2022, you’re not only creating a physical and visual embodiment of the things you want to achieve, but you’re giving the universe a timeline — you’re ensuring that these dreams are realized in the next calendar year. Your vision board is what you want in these 365 days and you’re telling the universe when they’ll come to fruition.

The most important part of creating a vision board is that you set your intentions when creating them. Sure, having a clear vision of your goals might help you some, but a random collection of pictures won’t be nearly as impactful as a strategically-created board that is powered by your specific goals and intentions.

How to Make Your 2022 Vision Board

Vision boards are specific to the individual making it, so make it all about you and your goals! Think about what you’re trying to manifest — what do you want to happen this year?

There are many ways to go about making a vision board, but the easiest (and perhaps the most fun?) is by creating a digital collective of photos and quotes that symbolize your desires, at least to start. You can do this on sites like Pinterest, or there are plenty of apps specific to making vision boards!

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This is the fun part! As you begin creating your vision board, ask yourself about what you want to achieve. Trying to graduate early? Look up graduation photos or pictures of a cap and gown. Want to land your dream job or internship? Find pictures of the company’s logo. Setting fitness goals? Look for gym inspo or fitness pictures to motivate you to achieve them. You can (and should!) curate an aesthetic on the same vibration of the things you want to achieve (think color palettes, style, etc.). Pinterest has some great examples, like here and here.

Find pictures of your dream apartment, the style you want to have, clothes you want to wear, the job you want to work, the city you want to live in, the aesthetic you want to embody — find anything that has the same vibe as what you want your life to look like. Include quotes that inspire you, headlines or snippets from articles that detail achievements similar to yours and affirmations you can say daily to help you realize your dreams.

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You have a lot of creativity in this next step — how do you want to see your vision board? You can keep it digital in your online collection or Pinterest board, or you can take it a step further and make it a collage to set as the home or lock screen on your phone and laptop.

If you want to go further with your board, you can print the photos (you can do this at places like your local pharmacy, Walmart etc.), cut out magazine clippings and collect other momentos to create a physical adaptation of your goals! Whether you want to hang them on your wall, glue them to poster board or a tri-fold or put them on a bulletin board (like this one from Target, or one you already have in your dorm or apartment), put your vision board somewhere you’ll see it every day. Your board should be something you enjoy looking at so that you look at it more often, further visualizing your dream life.

As you finalize your vision board, it’s important to remember the intentions you’re setting with it. Actively manifest the things in this board with both verbal and written affirmations (VALLEY tip: it helps to physically write these out or say them aloud as “I am” or “I have” statements — believing that you already have these things will tell the universe you’re capable of achieving them). Write down these specific goals and add them to your board — you’d be surprised at how much this physical reminder of your goals can help you achieve them faster.

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