Crystal Healing: Do’s and Don’ts

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Some bad days happen and that’s inevitable. However, less of these days can happen when you own a crystal! If you believe in crystals, good luck may be brought your way along with other energies dependent on the type you have. If you’re interested in acquiring a crystal to bring you something you desire, here is a guide on how to get started.


If you just go to the store and buy a crystal, do not expect anything. Manifestation is a vital part of the process. If you put good things into the world, there is a hope that good things will come out. Speak into the world your best thoughts and maybe your crystal will help your dreams come true.

When buying a crystal, you don’t need to spend the most amount of money on it. It is not about the price of the crystal — it is about what goes into it. Once you have purchased one, hold your crystal against your skin. Once it feels your body’s shock, the crystal’s healing effects will come into play. Soon after, your crystal will form a spiritual connection to you. But be careful! If you have one negative thought about the crystals, they won’t work. Positivity is vital throughout the whole process.


Of course, every crystal has different effects and different ways of healing. When purchasing your first crystal choose something you want in your life whether it’s about good luck or love.

VALLEY recommends getting the Carnelian crystal because it is meant to bring prosperity your way. The Carnelian crystal focuses on self-love, brings bold energy and will hopefully bring you some joy!

Carnelian crystals are very valuable because they are meant to help your soul and give you endless amounts of energy. If you have one, you are very lucky, so it is important to thank your crystal.

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Carnelian crystals are also gorgeous to look at. People wear their crystals as jewelry, carry them around with them and some even use their crystals as decor.


After purchasing a Carnelian crystal, along with holding onto it for a little, building a connection with it and believing in its abilities, you will start to notice a change. Do not expect to win the lottery or rely on it for anything serious, but understand that good energy is entering your life. This could include strangers stopping you and telling you they like your outfit or your professor giving your class an extra credit opportunity. With your crystal, you’ll start to become aware of positive experiences occurring more and more.

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and are meant for different things. Work up your spiritual connection — once you believe, you will achieve. Stop putting yourself down and go buy some crystals. You never know what good is just around the corner!


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