Crystals: The Gems of the World

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In one of the most popular ways, crystals are being used to improve and promote overall health and wellness. With a variety of crystals to choose from, the benefits they reap focus on both mind and body. Rather than focusing on the ingestion of a medical pill to improve health, crystals specialize in bringing a flow of “good” energy.

While the practice of using crystals has grown in popularity due to the aesthetic effect it can bring, this is has been a common in religions such as Buddhism. While many believe in the rich properties these crystals can bring to ones life, it is important to note that nothing has been scientifically proven.

While researchers are at work to understand the value of the usage of crystals, many who use them in their daily lives have found multiple benefits through various crystals.

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VALLEY is here to breakdown some crystals and their beneficial properties.

Protection and Healing

Amethyst is known for being both protective and healing by eliminating negativity and bringing other elements of sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Not only does it aid in the healing of the mind but also is known to provide physical benefits including pain and stress relief as well as aiding in sleep cycles.

Obsidian is known as a protective stone as it rids and shields one from negativity. It acts as a blockage to the negative and promotes more positive traits such as strength and compassion. It continues the theme of detoxification as it aids in digestive health.

Mangano Calcite is the crystal of tranquility and peace. The calming energy it is known to bring, heals the user while letting go of the past and any former trauma. It is commonly used for reducing levels of stress and tension as well as improving sleep.

Love and Sex

Rubies are infamous for the bold red color but are also known as a tool to aid in sensuality and sex. It is able to do so by restoring energy levels in oneself. Physically known for helping the circulatory system.

Rose quartz promotes trust and harmony within all relationships. While promoting healthy relationships with loved ones, the properties of rose quartz doesn’t end there. Rose quartz is one of the main crystals used in building ones love for themselves. It’s also known for aiding in the grieving process by giving comfort and acting as a calming agent. Rose quartz is one of the main crystals used in building ones love for themselves.

Mood Boosters

Citrine’s bright colors reflect its properties of providing enthusiasm and wonder. By releasing negativity it turns it into a positive. For instance, emotions such as fear become a feeling of optimism according to Healthline.

Turquoise aids in the balance of emotions. While it is used for healing as well, this crystal is said to help one in finding grounding by providing serenity. It’s physical benefits include improving numerous systems including respiratory and immune.

Goals and Success

Moonstone is commonly referred to as the stone which provides a clean slate and new beginning to it’s user. It’s been used to promote success and fortune as it promotes thinking, inspiration and growth.

Tourmaline not only encourages prosperity but promotes self-confidence and inspiration within oneself. These multicolored crystals attract positive energy while blocking negativity. In cases where physical benefits have been observed it’s been shown to aid in the release of tension and balance of both parts of the brain.

Tiger’s eye is known to motivate one. Fear and anxiety are released from this stone which allows for logical and conscious decision making. This stone is specifically used when it comes to most career and school related work.

Photo posted by @Thekristamitchell on Instagram

Finding the right crystal for you may seem daunting as there are a world of benefits stemming from them. Whether you choose it based off its aesthetic or you let your intuition choose, you are bound to find one that best suites you.



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