The Gym Motivation You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Finding the motivation to get into a gym routine is tough. Creating a bomb playlist, reading the corny motivational quotes, or trying to find a reliable gym buddy just hasn’t sparked that motivation yet. Here’s one thing you probably haven’t thought about, and that’s creating the perfect workout outfit.

According to a study of 2,000 regular gym goers, 9 out of 10 stated that the real key to their gym motivation came when they simply put on their workout clothes. 79 percent of those who participated in the study said owning workout clothes they enjoyed was a crucial step to meeting their goals in the gym.

Many fitness influencers are noticing the connection between gym motivation and clothes. Founder and CEO of Alana Athletica stated, “When you feel good, your mindset shifts to a place where self-care becomes more important to you.” Alex Hansen, co-founder of Barbell Apparel, also explained that “confidence is half the battle, and having workout gear that highlights your hard work really helps motivate you to get your sweat on.”

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We all know about the popular workout brand Peloton, who also published an article to their website about the importance of workout clothes when it comes to motivation. Peloton said that the clothes you exercise in don’t only improve your workout performance, but they help get your workout started. Taking the time to put on a trendy workout fit you feel comfortable and confident in initiates the process of getting into a mindset that reminds you that you have to workout.

Peloton got some insight from Dr. Jonathan Fader, a performance coach at SportStrata. He dove into the psychology behind wearing an enjoyable workout outfit. “In my experience, clothes that represent high performance tend to inspire higher performance in those who wear them.” Dr. Fader’s colleague, Liv Massey, agreed when she stated, “It could be a placebo effect, where you think that a piece of apparel will make you perform better, and that belief itself leads to a better result in performance.”

It doesn’t matter if you go for the high performance Lululemon set or the old-school vintage tee. The most important aspect to working out is choosing the clothes you feel most comfortable in. Confidence is key when it comes to workout motivation, so whether you workout at the gym or in your living room, make sure you put on a fit that makes you feel your best.

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