Crystals for Health and Wellness

It is not uncommon to see crystals brightening up rooms as they become trendier pieces of decoration, but these colorful little objects are slowly becoming known for more than just accessories. Interestingly enough, crystals can, in fact, be cleansing and beneficial to our health and overall well-being. Granted, holding a crystal is not the same as swallowing an Aspirin, it won’t cure illnesses or make medical miracles happen, but many people argue that after using crystals regularly they began to feel better, so maybe its worth a shot.

Judy Hall, author of “The Little Book of Crystals” and leading authority on crystals with more than 45 years of experience on the subject, says that crystals, “act like tuning forks, bringing the energy around them into harmony.”

Depending on what you’re experiencing there are several recommended crystals and ways of using them to help bring harmony to your life.


When there is so much happening around us at all times and it feels as if there is so much to do, sometimes the best thing we can do is take a couple minutes to do nothing. However, when meditating it is easy to sometimes feel restless or uneasy. Next time, try holding a crystal and looking into it deeply.

According to Hall, crystals are “excellent space clearers or energy enhancers,” meaning you will feel better prepared to take on life’s challenges afterwards.

Protect Yourself From Bad Vibes

Have you ever seen someone with crystals lining their window sill? This is believed to fill a room with good vibes, making you feel safe and secure.

Black tourmaline is a stone that “blocks out any negativity or toxic energy of any kind,” says Hall. “Due to its inner structure, it traps negative energy rather than amplifying it.”

Lay down and Relax

Lay down and place crystals around your head pointing inwards, this is shown to switch off stress and tension clearing up migraines, eye strain, muscle spasms, and discomfort. Auralite 23, named after the soothing aurora borealis, is known to work well for this.

Bring Good Vibes In

According to Hall, every crystal radiates a different kind of energy meaning they work together in different ways. Health and beauty experts have begun incorporating quartz as well as Himalayan salt stone into their massages. Rooted in the belief that everything in the universe vibrates at a given frequency and a crystal’s internal structure responds to that frequency, placing crystals on your body can make you feel more energized and anchored.

Whether you think using crystals for healing is trendy or weird, people all over have begun to believe in the powerful energy of them. In reality, as long as you feel good that is all that matters.


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