Chapstick: Helpful or Harmful?

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Once winter is in full swing, the air gets both colder and drier. That only means one thing: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s important to keep all parts of exposed skin from drying up during the colder season, but how can that be maintained? Of course, using lotion to keep arms and legs smooth and soft is the best way to go, but how about keeping lips from getting chapped?

It’s only natural to use chapstick to prevent your lips from instantly drying up once you step outside, but how helpful is chapstick? Is it doing more harm than good, or is it just how you’re using it? VALLEY can help you decide whether or not your chapstick is helping your chapped lips or just harming them. 

Ideally, chapstick should be used sparingly. In other words, only use it when necessary to help make chapped lips more smooth. It is a good idea check the ingredients in the chapstick or lip balm you frequently use, in order to make sure they are actually useful ones.

Sometimes, the ingredients may cause your lips to become drier, making you use the chapstick or lip balm more often than what is needed. This can develop into a bad habit of overusing chapstick even when your lips don’t need it. If this is the case, your lips can start to dry out more than they were originally. 

On the other hand, if you use your favorite chapstick or lip balm accordingly, i.e. only when your lips are unbearably chapped, you can avoid excess drying out. If you’re nervous about overusing chapstick or lip balm, since they’re so convenient to use when necessary, trying investing in a lip scrub.

Lip scrubs are ideal for dry lips as they can pick up the dry skin and will leave your lips feeling smooth without having to excessively use it. In other words, once you use lip scrub once, you can go some time without having to use it again, as your lips will be less likely to dry out fast. Just like it is important to exfoliate your face once in a while, it is also good to do so to your lips. 

Going off this, you can determine whether or not you think your favorite chapstick or lip balm is helping you or actually harming you. Just remember: check the ingredients and make sure you’re not overusing either, which will help to ensure that your lips stay smooth and not chapped all winter long.


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