Pick of the Week: Lip Balm

vanilla_mint_open_cap_left_side_frontThe fall and winter seasons are by far the best when it comes to color on your lips. Deep reds, shimmery pinks and wacky designs for Halloween are so much fun to play with, but with the fun colors of fall and winter also comes the cold, windy air and chapped lips. This week, Valley’s pick of the week is lip balm – but not just one! Take your pick and make sure your lips are soft and kissable for the upcoming winter months.


Did you know that there’s an actual chap stick called ChapStick? This brand definitely has the most flavors from seasonal (right now they have Citrus Jelly Bean and Pomengranate Gumdrop) to cake batter. If flavored sticks aren’t your style, you can always use their double-ended hydration lock ChapStick for super smooth lips.  $2.29, CVS


The EOS lip balm – the one that looks like an eggshell – has some of the most popular flavors like coconut milk, lemon drop and strawberry sorbet to name a few. It’s still relatively new enough that guys get confused when a girl pulls out what looks like a plastic Easter egg and puts it on her lips. If you really don’t have a preference on balms, just buy it to enjoy the look of confusion on men’s faces until they realize what it’s for. $3.99, CVS

Burt’s Bees  

Probably the most popular brand, Burt’s Bees has everything from lip balm to lipsticks to actual lip treatment. Their most well-known product is their beeswax balm which, yes, is made from actual beeswax. If your lips are especially chapped, Burt’s Bees recommends that you use one of their treatments. Those are a little more expensive at $4 and $5, but they’ll hydrate and soothe your lips back to normal.  $3.29, CVS


Nivea offers a variety of skin care products ranging from lip care to face moisturizer. Their lip balms come in so many different flavors from honey to cherry to non-flavored, and some give you a tiny tint of color! Apply a light coat of their “A Kiss of Moisture” tube about twice a day – if that – during the winter months, and I like to think my lips are smooth and kissable because of it. $2.99, CVS

Take your pick and enjoy a season of smooth, healthy lips!

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