Fall Hair Colors

FallHairColor.JessicaLaGrecaWith fall blowing in, so are the newest hair trends! We stopped into Look’s Hair Salon in downtown State College to gain insight on these newest trends. Samantha Jeffery, Redken Certified Colorist and Looks Stylist, explained to us what the hottest looks will be this upcoming fall.

Jeffery mentioned that “there’s a look for everyone.” It’s your job and your stylist’s job to decide on that look. When the season changes to fall,  you may want to stick to rich, dark and warm tones. This season, deep auburns, rose golds, caramels, light browns and rich red brown shades are in.

It’s good to add a contrast color to your hair, especially for brunettes. Brunettes should stick to accents to help create a duo-toned look.

Blondes should change from their bright summer blonde to more of a winter icy blonde. This look would consist of adding a little contrast (not making it lighter nor buttery) with a few caramel low lights. Or you could choose a stand-out look by adding a pastel color such as a lavender, pink or jewel tone. According to Jeffery, the correct placement can make your look a “little more punk/glam rock.”

You could choose one of the three styles that have been extremely popular lately: the ombré, the sombré or the spotlight technique. The ombré is a gradual change in the tone of color such as going from dark brown to blonde. However, a stylist trick is the sombré. That is when you take a more subtle approach to the ombré. For example, if you have black hair, instead of the tone/color going to blonde, you would go to a lighter brown shade.


The spotlight technique, which has recently become popular, creates an accented area. Basically, the color that you put on a darker base makes the hair look like it has a spotlight on it, hence the name.

No matter what look you choose, you will want to maintain the healthiness of your hair as the temperature changes. Jeffery recommended using Morocco Oil to help the dryness that tends to occur in the cooler seasons. Another favorite is the Pureology Strength Cure, which will strengthen your hair while treating already damaged hair. You can follow Samantha Jeffery on Instagram @gigthecat to see more tips or product recommendations.

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Photos by Jessica LaGreca; Hunter Talpas


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