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There’s no better feeling than pampering yourself after a long day. You do a face mask, take a shower, layer on some moisturizer and slide into bed. Self care at its finest. Here’s the heartbreaker  your bed, more specifically your sheets, may be betraying you.

Those cotton and polyester sheets you picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond freshman year may be the source of your hair breakage and skin blemish issues, causing intense friction between your face and hair and your pillow. This is the reasoning behind the trend of switching to silk, alleviating the irritation that causes these problems.

VALLEY’s here to breakdown the benefits as to why you should consider making the switch to silk and how to do so on a college budget.

Hair Benefits

When slept on, silk helps reduce the friction between your pillowcase and your hair. Cotton does one thing: snags and snaps hair. Friction is typically the causation of the frizzy-nature of bedhead, making for less than desirable look the next morning. Friction also speeds up the process of damage to your hair, resulting in split ends. Alleviating this friction allows for healthier hair, allowing you to spend less time fixing it in the morning.

Skin Benefits

Ever woke up in the morning and your skin felt bone dry, even after you applied what feels like a gallon of moisturizer the night before? That’s because cotton works as an absorbent, sucking up any product you apply to your face the night before. Not only can this get pricey, with all that product going to waste, but the drying qualities of cotton may be the reason behind of some of your breakouts. When the skin is overly dry, it attempts to replenish moisture by producing more oils, which may lead to clogged pores.

Moisture buildup also leads to problems. Bacteria and allergens also may be harboring within this built up moisture in your pillowcase, being another causation for clogged pores and breakouts. Silk pillowcases allow the skin to remain balanced, not only saving you money, but giving your skin a break.

Snagging Silk on a Budget

Here’s the misconception: silk bedding can be pricey. But if you choose to shop smart, this isn’t the case. Amazon carries 100% silk pillowcases in a variety of colors and run just under $25 dollars. Target also carries single packs of silk pillowcases for as low as $10, making it cheap to try out for yourself.


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