Catching More Z’s: Creating a College Sleep Routine

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It can be far too easy to slump into bed after a long day of classes and tell yourself that you will figure out everything when you morning. Sound familiar? College students everywhere struggle to create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine that can set them up for success. 

How Important is Sleep?

Sleep separates the day you’re in now from the next one.  The fact that humans need to take such a huge percentage of the 24 hour  day to sleep only begins to show how important quality sleep is to our everyday lives. 

Photo by Dana Weltman

A routine ensures your mind and body that when it is time to sleep at night, your mind does not need to plan ahead or worry about what’s to come.  Knowing you have an adequate routine that you will follow in the morning allows your mind to be put at rest so that you can have the best sleep possible. After all, quality of sleep does matter. 

Dr. Jordan B Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, has conducted extensive research on improvement of personality and performance.

“You cannot be mentally healthy without a routine. You need to pick a time to get up. Whatever time you want, pick one, and stick with it because otherwise you dysregulated your circadian rhythms, and they regulate your mood,” says Peterson. 

The human body likes to be on a schedule, and creating a routine is the best way to set yourself up for success for the next day.

Creating a Routine

To create your routine that will improve your sleep and organize your morning, start by listing out what is causing you to lose sleep, and making your morning hectic.

Go through in your head or on physical paper to create your game plan for the next day to ensure you can wake up and know exactly what needs to be done. Once you create this effective gameplan, stick to it. It will allow you to know what needs to happen in the morning so that your mind is not subconsciously worrying about the next day, which can keep you up at night. 

You will find that one you have an established routine, it is easier to get out of bed in the morning because you know the steps you need to take rather than coming up with them on the spot.  

Photo by Dana Weltman

An Ideal Routine

A night routine that is relaxing and productive will help improve productivity levels the following day. After finishing up studying, working or completing other necessary tasks, consider giving yourself time to decompress and relax, whether that is through a long shower or a episode of your favorite show. Trying to fall asleep right after studying isn’t as effective as after taking time to relax.

Allowing yourself plenty of time in the morning is key to starting the day off right. A rushed and hectic morning sets yourself up for a stressful day, so instead, take some time to relax in the morning. It will be worth the slightly earlier wake-up time. Consider starting the day with a warm cup of coffee, your favorite breakfast or even a quick workout.

Creating a productive night and morning routine will only improve your quality of sleep, which in the long run, will make you feel better and increase productivity.


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