A Better Night’s Sleep

“Are you still watching?” As you wake up from a dead sleep this message pops up on your computer screen from Netflix. While you were sleeping, you made it through the entire first season of “Friends.” Falling asleep to a computer screen, television screen or even your phone screen promotes poor sleeping habits. Turning off all screens 30 minutes before bed will help you to fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep. There are so many alternatives to looking at your phone or computer right before bed.

Here are a few tips and tricks to promote better rest and sleep habits.

Late Night Study Sesh

Who wants to study before bed? It sounds like the most agonizing thing to do right before bed, but it can be very beneficial. Going to sleep after processing new information actually helps with retention rates. Getting some last minute studying in before bed may help you remember information better in the morning. So take some time to read over your notes from class to help jog your memory for your next exam.


Turn on your diffuser, put on a face mask, and reflect on your day. Figure out what you need to get done tomorrow and just relax. In college, it seems like there is never a moment in the day for yourself. Sometimes you need to carve out specific times like this to just be alone and do a few things to treat yo-self!

Catch Up On Some Reading

Whether you’re into inspirational books, romantic dramas or easy young adult reads, pick up a book and start reading! If you aren’t necessarily a reader, audiobooks are a great option. If you choose an audiobook, make sure to put your phone to the side while listening.

It is important to expand your knowledge on all types of subject — reading a book is much more productive than scrolling through Instagram.

Turn on a Noise App

Using a noise app is especially great if you have trouble getting to sleep. It’s also amazing if you just need some white noise to fall asleep or like falling asleep to the some type of sound. There are so many different options from thunderstorms to rainforests to waves crashing. This is a way to fall asleep faster and is a great alternative to watching television. Check out the app Sleep Sounds in the app store!

Start a Journal

With the amount of work and distractions that fill a college student’s day, it can be hard to remember fun activities and events that you experienced. That’s why it is important to cherish these four years in college, and writing it down might help you recount your life here at Penn State much easier 20 years from now. This is a way to make the memories last in your mind while deviating away from your phone at night.

While these may be a hard habits to stick to because opening up your laptop or going on your phone is so easy, they can be really beneficial for your sleeping habits and you brain health. While also helping you to wake up the next morning, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!


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