Stay Cozy While Keeping it Chic

State College winter is no joke! It gets crazy cold here and you must bundle up to stay warm this winter. Finding a warm jacket that fits your personal style can sometimes be hard. No shade to parkas, but sometimes if you’re trying to look cute during the winter while trying your best to stay warm, a big parka can kill your vibe. Why not incorporate your jacket into a part of your fashion statement? This season there are so many cute winter coats that will add to your look instead of hiding it.

Teddy/ Shearling Coat

This is undeniably one of the most sought-after coats this season. I AM GIA was the pioneer for this trend with their “Pixie Coat.” At a whopping $80 it is quite an expensive piece, so many companies have started making cheaper but very similar versions of this style. Fila made their own Urban Outfitters exclusive version, on sale now for $69; Forever21 has many options as well. This coat can be worn with any outfit of your choice, it can be dressed up or down however you’re feeling.

Puffer Coat

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The short puffer coats are very in right now. Varying in color, for example, neon has been coming in hot recently and people have been rocking puffers following that color scheme. The good thing about a puffer is that it really gives you a lot of room to experiment with your bottoms and what you layer underneath the jacket itself.

Fake Fur
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If you’re looking to let your inner diva shine, the faux (of course) fur is perfect for you. This will elevate any outfit and instantly make it look more high class, boujee and will look like you put in way more effort than you probably did. Faux fur is definitely a bold statement and will indeed turn some heads. On the contrary, you’ll be very cozy and comfy in this coat.

Wrap/ Tweed Coats

For the more dressy and put together looks, tweed and wrap coats tend to be a long-line cut for that business vibe. Although, there are so many patterns and styles to choose from. You can stick with neutral colors and wear something more bold underneath, or go for a bold color or pattern while your outfit stays more neutral. You can wear something super casual and then add the jacket to elevate your outfit to another level.


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