The Beaded Bag: The Trend of the Summer


Crochet and knit handbags seem to dominate the beach scene, but the beaded bag is a not-so-new trend. These chic bags have recently been popping up in stores frequented by college students, despite the fact that they can probably also be found in your grandmother’s closet.

Slang 101: The 21st Century


Listen up all of you saucy kids! Have you ever attempted to teach your mom the context of “lit”? Did it go well? If the answer to that is no, and if you have no idea what saucy means, VALLEY is here to keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest terminology of the 21st century.

Trading in Couture for Cotton


The behind the scenes role that designers used to play in our everyday lives is slowly fading away. These political statements displayed at New York Fashion Week has taken them beyond the realm of fashion and instead, into our social consciousness.