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From Instagram to TikTok to Snapchat, you may often find yourself envying the outfits that fill your feeds as you scroll. Some posts result in scanning the comment section for information on where they can find links to the items, while others accept defeat. With little to no way to find where the outfit is from or the daunting designer price tags that come with it, it can be difficult to keep up with trends we see our favorite stars and influencers sporting. Luckily, and this may be the only time VALLEY makes this claim, Amazon is here to save the day!

The Amazon Storefront feature allows users to make profiles and provide all their favorite finds in one place. While it’s not necessarily our favorite celebrities providing their closet details, lifestyle influencers have run with the opportunity to provide their fans and viewers with all their favorite pieces as well as dupes for popular trends we can see them wearing themselves. Below, VALLEY has listed our favorite Amazon Storefront profiles that will provide you with the best links for every occasion, from workout wear to hair care!

Lauren Wolfe

Lauren Wolfe’s storefront may be the leading contender in all things in right now. She not only provides fashion links but also has gift guides at the ready for each person in your life. Whether you want to begin content creation or try the newest hair curling techniques, Wolfe’s got the links. Whatever you need we know you’ll find it here.

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Kyra Greenwood

While she isn’t a very well-known figure on the app, Kyra Greenwood provides amazing dupes for athleisure wear from brands such as Gymshark and Lululemon. Along with that, there are a ton of other workout sets and pieces to choose from that come in an array of colors and styles to get you feeling good for your workout.

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Kristin Taenzer

Another small user, Kristin Taenzer provides specific categories on her storefront so you can shop for your specific occasion. Not just “going out pants” and “my favorite loungewear” but the categories “brunch outfit inspo” and “spring break must-haves” can also be found. This one is definitely worth the stalk!

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Ava Jules

The Youtuber you’ve possibly grown up watching, Ava Jules, provides a very versatile storefront that can be found on her TikTok profile. From organizational must-haves and film supplies to her favorite books and beauty trends, Jules has it all.

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