You Heard it Right, Uggs are Making a Comeback

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It’s time to open up your closet and break out your old UGGs, because they are officially back and better than ever. Even though you may have thought you were retiring these shoes after your middle school days, trends have a habit of becoming popular again. Since the peak years of popularity for UGGs, people have poked fun at this past trend and the way they were styled in the early 2000s. Whether you love them or you hate them, we’re here to explore their newfound popularity and the history behind the brand. 

The History of UGG

Even though UGGs didn’t become extremely popular until the early 2000s, the brand has been around since 1978. Brian Smith, a surfer, and Doug Jensen founded the UGG in California after Brian moved to the United States from Australia. After over a decade in business, Deckers Brand acquired the business for $14.6 million in 1994. 

As you may remember, UGG took the world by storm in the early 2000s. Paparazzi were snapping shots of celebrities in these well-known boots, and younger kids were even purchasing them. With many different styles and variations of the boots, there was a pair for everyone. 

Eventually, the once-booming popularity of UGG began to fizzle out. The UGG slippers became more popular and fewer people were wearing the shoes out in public. As the UGG brand is based on feel and comfort, they have been able to maintain their business since their peak years due to many people buying them for loungewear purposes.

UGG Today

In the past year, UGGs have slowly emerged back into the spotlight. People are repurchasing pairs since many people chose to get rid of these shoes many years ago. UGG has also collaborated with Telfar, Molly Goddard, Feng Chen Wang, as well as other designers. These collaborations have in many ways put UGG back on the map in the fashion world. 

Social media platforms such as Tik Tok can be attributed to much of UGG’s current success. The low UGG style has been the most sought-after pair recently, and many Tik Tok users have posted unboxings and even videos of them cutting their old UGGs to achieve this style. There are also many videos of people breaking out their old UGGs from their closet or ordering new UGGs, and attempting to style them with their current wardrobe. 

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