The Return of the 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic

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Let’s face it, 2021 was the year trends resurrected from the dead. From mini UGGs to renaissance-esque corsets, it was a year of micro-trends and nostalgia. Sure, it would be rude to pick a favorite, but the most highly anticipated trend making its way back into our hearts and shopping carts is the 2014 Tumblr “I’m different because I listen to the 1975” aesthetic. According to Vogue, this is the year that we’re giving in to the nostalgia and taking advantage of the fact that we can listen to Lana Del Ray unironically without being asked if we’re okay — because if we’re being honest, none of us are okay. 

Main Character Moment 

The Neighborhood, Marina and the Diamonds and the Arctic Monkeys are a few of the bands that are synonymous with this era, and who can forget the main character feeling these bands bring? 

Allow your playlists to take you back to your prime — wearing wired headphones in between class periods in middle school, tuning out the world while wearing high-top converse, ripped jeans and a band tee from Hot Topic. If there’s one thing we can look forward to with the return of this aesthetic, it’s the importance of music choice in reliving these core memories. 

So, in case you forgot what your inner emo is capable of, here’s some inspiration for the next time you want to pretend you’re in a Two Door Cinema Club music video:

Walking On A Dream

So now the real question stands — why now? Sure, trends have a habit of cycling in and out of the mainstream, but is this revived Tumblr moment too good to be true? VALLEY thinks it’s here to stay and we have TikTok to thank for this. As we all know, the app is infamous for its ability to make an old song trend again, and the same can be said of the trends it creates. VALLEY predicts that this 2014 Tumblr girl will meet with the E-girl TikTok aesthetic of our dreams to give 2022 its own rendition of the quirky and different girl we all thought we once were. 

It’s hard to think that such a grungey look will be reemerging amongst the “that girl” and minimalistic trends that let us live out our Matilda Djerf dreams, but you better believe it. Who says that you can’t be “that girl” and live out your inner rockstar girlfriend dreams at the same time?

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