Trench Coats: a Season Staple

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How does one dress cute and stay warm — but not too warm? The answer is layering with a topcoat to keep you styling. 

They say the best weather to wear a trench coat is about 50 degrees, which is true. However, if you wear a trench coat with layers underneath paired with a hat and gloves you can stay warm. Trench coats are an all-year-round kind of jacket.

Trench coats look cute with any kind of outfit. If the dress code is business casual and a trench coat is a top piece, you will look prepared for the proper attire. However, if you are going to the gym and you are ready for a workout and just need a comfy throw-on coat, you will just be considered trendy. 

This look came from a jacket that was made to “improve soldiers’ fortunes.” A jacket that was made to keep soldiers in uniform while also remaining comfortable. Trench coats were made to keep warm and were still a good way to camouflage. 

With that being said, trench coats came back with the comfy-casual look. While also being able to look fancy or even sporty, it is essentially a way to make sweats look more casual instead of looking bummy.

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In the past year trench coats really made a complete turnaround. Back in 2003, Mariah Carey rocked a trench coat that had many people loving the style. It wasn’t until this past year that she pulled off the look again. 

You can check out Forever 21, Zara, Lululemon, Burberry, Free People and so many other stores to get a coat and stay in style. This jacket comes in more affordable stores as well as luxurious ones. Every store is changing their styles around to make sure they can also keep up this look.

Several casual pieces can come together and make a perfect look. Throw on leggings, sneakers, a t-shirt, a beanie and a bag, it looks alright — throw on a trench coat and it looks put together. You can go from looking good to looking seriously stylish. 

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Trench coats are a great piece for everyone. Not only do women look amazing in this outfit but men as well. Men can throw a trench coat on with any outfit and it looks just as good. The jacket that originated for men is now a staple in everyone’s wardrobes.


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