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Winter is coming and that calls for ski season, which also means ski fashion. Hitting the slopes in style is crucial for a successful day trip or even a long vacation. When you look good, you feel good. That’s why VALLEY is here to give you the best outfit inspo whether you’re out west or up east. From snow pants to goggles, we know the fashionistas out there are dressing to impress up in the mountains.

Even though we are approaching the year 2022, the “must-have” look on the slopes is the retro Après Ski look. Vogue has written an article on how to “Get Après-Ski Style In Just Three Steps. In this article, they highlight the importance of a good knit sweater, show-stopping ski pants and a classic pair of sunnies. Here are some great choices for every price range to get you looking like a pro.


Throwing on a cute knit sweater underneath will guarantee you to be warm on the slopes and stylish in the lodge. In the article written by Vogue they say “To start, a stylish ski sweater will do just the trick when it comes to layering up for a few runs in the morning and stripping down for a few fireside hot toddies in the afternoon.” Here are some great picks for everyone.

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This sweater is from Aerie and is super affordable. Although they are not your typical ski apparel company, this is a great find. This retro chevron print is right on track with the Après vibe. The colors are super complimentary and will match with almost anything. This is sure to keep you warm on and off the mountain.

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This funky abstract sweater is perfect to layer underneath your ski gear. Since this is still on the more affordable side, it is a great deal. Again, this works to wear whilst skiing, and also for a mountainside lunch. This will guarantee those jaw-dropping Instagram pictures.

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This sweater is on the pricier side but is made from Merino wool which will keep you warm and toasty underneath your jacket. This trendy piece will look good fireside as well. The quality of this one is what makes it more expensive but if you are willing to splurge, this will be a crowd-pleaser.


While it is best to probably opt for water-resistant snow pants, there are other options as well. “The second step is choosing the right snow pants. Ditch those baggy low-risers and opt for something you’d be able to wear out at night (or even at the office). Insulated snow pants will keep your legs and body extra warm for any winter activity, from skiing and snowshoeing to walking and shopping in the resort village,” added Vogue. There are options priced high and low. Here are some more of VALLEY’S picks.

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Ski pants can be expensive because of their material but this snow white pair is classic. Most people tend to only own one or two pairs so these are a great option to invest in. These are the perfect fit and come in multiple colors. Not too baggy and not too tight. They even have options for short, regular, or long. These are an amazing pair to plan outfits with.

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This next pair is more on the fun side. This bib-style snow pant is comfortable and chic. The fun color gives it that retro vibe. They are waterproof which makes them even better. If you want to go out of your comfort zone opt for these instead of classic black. They will match with any coat and will definitely turn heads at the lodge.

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These form-fitting black pairs are sold on Zappos. This sleek design is super flattering and will compliment any outfit. These are definitely for some warmer ski days but can be worn underneath bulkier pants as well. Wear these on your next trip!


You can never go wrong with a plain white or black jacket when it comes to ski fashion. Finding the right coat is essential when going on a ski trip. Here are some great ones…

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The SAM jacket is a great staple if you are going on a ski trip. It will keep you warm while also sinching that waist. They come in a variety of colors so you are sure to find what you like. They are on the pricier side, but if you are an avid skier you might want to purchase.

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This jacket is less than half the price of the SAM jacket and is the perfect coat. The slim design is sure to flatter and has many pockets. This is super on-trend and will keep you warm on those chillier days. This jacket is 3-in 1 as well. It has an inside and outside layer which makes it versatile.

Whatever you decide to wear on the slopes this winter make sure to tag @VALLEYmag on Instagram with your best looks.


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