2021 Lookbook: Winter Coats

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Autumn is officially coming to a close and it’s time to start thinking about winter fashion. If you’re looking for ways to avoid freezing on your day-to-day adventures, you’ve got to invest in some of the jackets and coats that are in style this season. As a general rule of thumb for colors, neutrals are still very popular, and green has been on the rise for a while. Don’t worry, though — VALLEY’s got your back with a list of the biggest trends right now and how you can style them (plus, we listed them in order of warmth)!

Denim Jackets
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Starting off with the obvious, denim is a classic and seems to be holding its own at least for another season. At the beginning of our list, denim sadly doesn’t offer much warmth, so it won’t be very practical for much longer, but it’s still such a staple. Plus, since it’s been in style for a while now, chances are you already have a denim jacket in your closet!

Trench Coats
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Though it’s not as cold as denim, the super long trench coat look that has been on the rise of late is quite thin, so it’s really not going to help in the warmth department either. However, since it’s thin, it could definitely be used for layering, so there’s no harm in bagging yourself one of these super cool pieces. Just wear a cozy sweater underneath!

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For everyone out there still hoping for a bohemian comeback, VALLEY’s got some good news for you! Fringe is definitely on the rise, especially when it comes to coats of mid-level thickness. As said by Vogue Paris, brown is the new black, so a nice brown fringe jacket just might be the exact item you need to spice up your winter closet.

Suit Jackets & Blazers
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Though definitely not “coat” material, blazers have been the icon of fall fashion, especially with bold colors and patterns, or more monochrome outfits like the one in this picture. Still, there are quite a few thicker blazers in fashion right now, so you can definitely feel a bit less cold with one of these. If you’re looking to add more to your closet without losing too much money, thrift stores almost always have some good blazers to spare!

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Corduroy is such a comfort fabric. The added bonus is that while it can keep you warm, it can also easily fit with any outfit to create a cohesive look — so it’s extremely easy to style and really practical to wear!

Bomber Jackets
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Bomber jackets have been in style for such a long time, originating with the trendy high school letterman jackets and eventually becoming their own standalone piece in any good fall/winter outfit. Some of them can be quite insulated — or at the very least, thick — so they’re definitely a good option for when the weather starts to get colder.

Shearling & Fleece
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This one’s a bit obvious. Anything with faux fur is sure to bring an extra bit of warmth this winter, and definitely some added comfort. They also provide a more sophisticated look, so you’re sure to look put together any time you have one of these coats on.

Teddy Coats
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VALLEY can’t help but take any chance possible to dress head-to-toe in warm, soft fabrics. The rise of teddy coats is bringing back that possibility in the cutest and fuzziest way. When you roll out of bed on those especially dark and cold mornings, you can dress like a teddy bear (as the name suggests) for that extra level of comfort.

Puffer Jackets
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Okay, so this one’s a bit of a miss for some people. Whether you’re a fan of puffer jackets, or think it’s giving a bit too much Michelin Man, you can’t deny its warmth. And come January, you’ll be wishing you had a thicker outer layer if you don’t have one of these in your closet.

What are your favorite fashion trends this winter? Show us your best looks by tagging us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram to be featured on our #FitCheckFridays!



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