Fall-To-Winter Pants You Need Now

Winter 2020 left many in dire desire for longue and leisure pants, but as the colder season approaches, pant collection are going beyond drawstring joggers and sweatpants. Here are the styles of pants you need to keep tabs on that you can incorporate into your transition fits from fall to winter.

Straight Leg Cargo Pants

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Dickies combo cargo/work pants have taken over the Urban Outfitters pant racks and ultimately, the game of cargo pants. This brand offers various cuts and fits of cargo pants. They’ve particularly gotten internet love for their line of 874 FLEX work pants.


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Long gone are the days that trousers are limited to the “business casual” sector of fashion. This style of pant has been incorporated into outfits that one wouldn’t necessarily categorize as “office” attire. This pant cut offers diversity in the directionality of an outfit and can easily be dressed up for a night out, or down with a casual streetwear combination.

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Geometric Cut Pants

Photo from IAMGIA.com

This bold pant option opens up tons of room for stepping out of your fashion comfort zone; a space we oh-so-love to stay complacent in. These pants have been gaining traction as it resembles the same aesthetic as Euphoria’s Maddy Perez and her infamous chili-throwing scene outfit. These pants usually come with a tight-to-skin fit to them with unique geometric slits and cutouts to add shape to a simple “yoga legging” style pant.

Photo from Edikted.com

Anything and Everything Flared

Photo from Aritzia.com

The chokehold that Victoria’s Secret PINK fold-over yoga leggings had on many in the early 2010s is making its way back in the form of flared pants. This winter’s lookbook is certainly going to rule in favor of the flare pant for any occasion.

Photo from Garageclothing.com

Printed Jeans

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Consider inviting some unique, bright prints into your pant collection this winter. Sometimes the dull of the cold can make us feel our outfit choices are limited to accomodating weather. These printed jeans return back just the right amount of vibrance for the winter months.

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