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Summer’s just around the corner, and we’re all feeling it. What better way to prepare than with your very own summer playlist? And why not tailor it to yourself even more by adding a song that’s perfect for your zodiac sign? You could even start your own playlist with the songs of your big three! Now, it’s important to remember — zodiac signs and music are both very subjective, so if you don’t like what we give you, that’s perfectly okay!


As usual, we’re starting off with Aries. Your fire gets mistaken for needless aggression more often than not, so we wanted to offer you a song that’s definitely on the chiller side. “Take A Picture” off of COIN’s newest album is all about being more ready to move on than someone else is — something that you definitely know about. And the question asked in the bridge is something you’ve surely asked yourself before. (FYI — The answer is no!)


Yuno’s “No Going Back” has been compared to the likes of both Tame Impala and Jay-Z, so it immediately passes the vibe check. What’s more, it tells a story of feeling like you’re putting more effort into a relationship than your counterpart, and then putting your foot down and saying you’ve had enough. Talk about using your stubbornness for good, Taurus! Start standing up for yourself!


Here at VALLEY, we’re not going to fall into the trap of calling Gemini two-faced (because, honestly, that’s a cold take). We know there’s more to you than that — like how emotions don’t come easily to you and you value personal expression that relies more on your mind than your heart. That’s why we think “Another Sad Love Song” by Khalid is the perfect summer jam for you. The song calls itself out for being sad but upbeat, and it’s about confronting feelings when feelings aren’t easy to talk about.


Yes, Cancers can be sensitive, but that’s not always a bad thing! Rather than call you emotional and make you even more upset than you already are (just kidding!), we want to shout out Cancers for loving unconditionally and wanting to feel the same in return. “Someone To You” by BANNERS captures that essence perfectly. It has a happy vibe while its lyrics talk about how everyone just wants to feel appreciated.


Some people like to say Leos are annoying for how much they love themselves. People say they’re cocky to a fault. But you know what you can say to those people, Leo? Basically all of the lyrics to “Vacation” by Dirty Heads. It’s pretty much saying, “I love my life, so if you don’t like yours, that’s your problem,” which is so true! Remember to enjoy yourself, Leo, and don’t let anybody tell you anything different.


How can you have a summer playlist without putting Foster the People on it somewhere? (Especially if you’re a Penn Stater — rest in peace to Movin’ On 2020!) “Houdini” is a summer classic, perfect for one of the classiest zodiac signs out there. This song is all about wanting to explore one’s potential but fearing the outcome. If that doesn’t scream Virgo and the way you let your perfectionism hold you back, we don’t know what does. Don’t worry, Virgo, take that leap of faith!


Libra, you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times — you’re indecisive but balanced. There’s nothing wrong with that! You’re easily the most harmonious sign out there, and you can take any bad situation and find another way to look at it. That’s why we’re giving you Rex Orange County’s “10/10,” a song about deciding to have a better outlook on life and turning things around for yourself. It has a catchy beat and feels just as easygoing as you are, Libra.


We can’t lie, Scorpios are aggressive. It’s the truth! But a lot of times, that intensity can be channeled into something good, like taking control of your life and putting your best foot forward. That’s why we think “Out Of My Head” by The Griswolds is perfect for the start of your summer — it’s all about knowing when you’ve had enough and being ready for the change that is to come.


It’s no secret that Sagittarius is the life of the party. You don’t even have to be at a party for it to become a party; you make every endeavor an adventure. Sometimes, that means you move a little too quickly and surely for others, which is why we think “Throw Shade” by CRUISR is what you need to hear right now. It can serve as a reminder for you to just keep living your life because you’re absolutely killing it and you don’t need anybody who says otherwise.


OK, yes, this song is literally called “Shy,” and we’re giving it to the sign best known for being a reserved homebody. But, hear us out, it really does make sense! Saint Blonde made a great little love song about wanting their lover to be unafraid to open up to them when they’ve already given everything to the rest of the world. The juxtaposition the lyrics draw between Hollywood and private love is right up your alley, Capricorn, so just give it a try!


Though they may not always be known for it, Aquarius is quite possibly one of the most idealistic signs of the zodiac. You romanticize every single aspect of your life, right down to the gritty details. But who are we to judge? Instead, we’ll give you a song about romanticization to go along with it! “Perfect Places” is to Lorde what “Young Dumb & Broke” was to Khalid, so you’re sure to have your next summer anthem with this one.


Last, but never least, Pisces can be a bit difficult to pin down. You guys have got your heads in the clouds a lot, but that’s why you’re always having a good time. The lyrics of “parking lot view” by almost monday remind us of you — the singer may have what is canonically the worst room in the hotel, but they’re still having a good time, and all they can think about is having you there to enjoy it with them. You’ll definitely want your windows down for this one, Pisces.

Are any of these songs on your summer playlist? What else do you think VALLEY should add to theirs? Be sure to let us know by tagging us, @VALLEYmag, in your Instagram stories — and drop a follow on our Spotify account for some curated playlists!


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