A Rom-Com For Each Zodiac Sign

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than a movie night with the gals? VALLEY not only compiled a list of some of the best rom-coms, but assigned them to the best corresponding zodiac sign.

For this one, to make sure everybody’s treated equally, VALLEY decided to consult astrology expert Co–Star for basic descriptions of the signs. This way, we can give the best recommendations out there — and don’t worry, you can always watch the movies for your moon and rising signs, too. Without further ado, kick back, relax and enjoy the movies!


Starting off strong with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is described as someone with “no filter,” who gets “easily bored” and “thinks everything is a game they can win.” For that reason, we’ve chosen “Friends with Benefits” as your perfect rom-com! It has a great mixture of expletives, entertainment and energy — plus, who can say no to Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake pretending not to catch feelings? Exactly.


We couldn’t help but poke fun a little bit with this one, but Co–Star says Taurus “wears the same outfit every day,” “hates big changes” and is a “homebody.” So, of course, why wouldn’t we recommend “Warm Bodies,” which is full of cute moments and serial outfit repetition. (Yes, it’s because he’s a zombie. So what?)


Gemini, you were described as someone with a “charismatic” personality who “knows a little about everything” and “uses humor as a crutch.” If that didn’t sell “The DUFF” to you, the addition of you using “arguments as flirting” certainly does. The main characters are funny and smart, and they definitely bicker from time to time. Try not to see yourself in them too much!

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Yes, it’s no secret Cancers can be sensitive, but Co–Star highlighted more qualities in you that we hadn’t seen before. For one thing, a Cancer “forgives but never forgets,” “seeks comfort” in others and “only has one boundary, but it is very firm.” After reading these, we couldn’t help but think of Julia Stiles in “10 Things I Hate About You.” An arguably great retelling of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” this movie puts everyone’s beloved Kat Stratford through a lot, but it’s one of VALLEY’s favorites on this list.


Everybody knows Leo can be “a little bit vain,” but we here at VALLEY prefer to say you have a “really big personality.” You’re also a bit materialistic, but you are warm and creative, which is why VALLEY thinks the best romantic comedy for you has to be “Crazy Rich Asians.” It’s the total package — luxury, love and a whole lot of spectacle.


Co–Star describes Virgo as someone who “needs to feel useful,” “has a quick fix for everything” and has “good intentions.” To us, that screams Amanda Seyfried’s character in “Letters to Juliet,” who uproots an entire vacation to hunt down the lost love of someone else. Her selflessness combined with her need to involve herself makes her the perfect protagonist for a Virgo’s go-to rom-com.


The fact that Libra “hates being alone” and “can’t make decisions” may sound like a negative to some, but we just think you need an adventure buddy! Tag along with Anne Hathaway and friends on their quest in “Ella Enchanted,” which is sure to speak to the side of Libra that is “prone to fantasy” and has “really good aesthetics.” (And, of course, the love interest is a literal prince!)

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We might surprise you a bit with this one, Scorpio. When we saw Co–Star say you’re perfectly “OK with uncomfortable silence,” and that people “can’t be sure if [you’re] serious or joking,” we knew it was too good to be true. The adorable Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson movie “The First Time” has all of that and more — the teenage angst mixed with its incredible soundtrack make for a great time.


Sag, Co–Star calls you both the “friendliest person at the party” and someone who “wields their truth like a blunt weapon.” That’s a bit contradictory, but we think these qualities combined with your lack of an “indoor voice” mesh perfectly with Cher from “Clueless.” It’s a classic that everybody loves, and the focus on makeovers and dramatic reveals in this movie are sure to speak to your supposed obsession with self-improvement.

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Sometimes Capricorns get a bit of a reputation as being serious and reserved. But, VALLEY (and Co–Star) know you’re just “motivated by duty” and care about success. It can “[take] a while to warm up to people,” but your sense of responsibility shouldn’t stand in the way of you and love. That’s why we want to show you “Set It Up,” a cute little office love story with a plethora of fun tropes, like the two people playing matchmaker for others ending up falling in love.


Going off of the idea that Aquarians are “more in love with humanity as a whole than individuals,” VALLEY chose a romantic comedy with plenty of stories to focus on: “Love Actually.” The movie follows various people living in and around London around the holiday season, and by the end, you’ll figure out how each and every one of them is loosely connected to each other. Having so much to pay attention to is sure to keep any Aquarius interested!


Last, but certainly not least, Pisces is “excessively romantic,” so we knew we had to really bring it with this choice. Quite literally all of the descriptors Co–Star used for you, from “prone to fantasy” to “no boundaries” to “can’t remember if they dreamt it or it actually happened,” pointed to one answer: “Amélie.” The titular character, while a bit strange, is whimsical and lovable in this sweet French romantic comedy that you’ll love.

Do you plan on having a Galentine’s Day movie marathon? Let us know what your favorite rom-coms are by tagging us, @VALLEYmag, on Instagram!



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