Must-Watch Shows For Each Zodiac Sign

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Every zodiac sign is characterized by certain traits that make it unique — as people, some of these traits transfer over to our likes and dislikes, whether it’s books, movies or TV shows. If you want to know what show VALLEY recommends for your zodiac sign, keep reading!


Capricorns are known to be ambitious, stubborn, impulsive and a little dark which makes the Netflix original series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” perfect for you. Starring Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch, this supernatural horror series follows teenage witch Sabrina Spellman as she navigates both the mortal world with her friends and classmates, as well as the magical world. Loosely based on the 90’s comic book series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” this show has every element of a good thriller and should be on the top of your must-watch list.

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With their mysterious personalities and longing for adventure, VALLEY has to recommend the Netflix original show “The Society” to all the Aquarius’ out there. This show follows a group of high school students who return from a school trip to find that everyone else in their town has mysteriously disappeared. With no parents, teachers, or laws the teenagers must figure out how to build a society of their own they can survive in. While the show is only a single season (Netflix’s biggest mistake), every episode is just as riveting and suspenseful as the next.


Widely considered to be the sweetest of the zodiac signs, Pisces are caring, dependable and comforting just like the 2000’s classic “Gilmore Girls.” This series takes place in a small town in Connecticut called Stars Hollow and follows Lorelei Gilmore and her daughter Rory. With the adorably quirky residents of Stars Hollow and the sweetest relationship between Lorelei and Rory, “Gilmore Girls” has every aspect of a great comfort show.

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Taurus’ are often classified as independent, stubborn and very intelligent; similar to the kids in the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” This show took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016 and has garnered a huge fanbase since. “Stranger Things” follows a group of middle school boys that live in an ordinary town in Indiana. That is, until one of their best friends goes missing and the boys begin to do some investigating of their own and find their little town is not at all what it seems.


Aries are known for their love of chaos, and there isn’t a single show on the air that is more chaotic than the HBO original “Euphoria.” This teen drama follows Rue, a recovering drug addict as well as her friends, girlfriend and family. “Euphoria” covers many hard-hitting topics including sexuality, abortion, gender identity, drug abuse and domestic violence. The intensity of the plot combined with a stellar performance from Zendaya and the rest of the cast has catapulted this series to one of the most talked-about shows of the year.


As the most family-oriented sign, ABC’s “Modern Family” is a perfect fit for cancers. This documentary-styled sitcom follows a large extended family and their hilariously wacky lives. With a healthy helping of family drama and seriously witty humor, “Modern Family” is a must-watch comedy.

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Gemini’s are known to be extremely outgoing and entertaining — plus, they know how to laugh, making TruTV’s “Impractical Jokers” a match made in heaven. This comedic reality show follows four lifelong friends who compete in crazy challenges designed to embarrass one another. Each episode is funnier than the next and is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.


Leo’s love their fair share of glitz and glamour, and what could possibly be more glamorous than the CW series “Gossip Girl?” This show follows a group of extremely wealthy teenagers that live on the Upper East Side in New York City whose lives are chronicled online by an anonymous blogger named Gossip Girl.

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For the intellectual and analytical Virgo’s there’s nothing like a crime to pique their interest. “Criminal Minds” follows a group of FBI agents who work in the Behavioral Analysis Unit that investigate crimes and potential suspects in Virginia.


For the sweet, dependable Libra’s we recommend “Parks and Rec,” another classic comedy show that follows the public officials of a small town in Indiana as they attempt to make their town a better place.


Scorpios are often considered to be one of the darkest signs, as they live for drama, danger and can be considered cold and ruthless. However, they are also extremely adventurous and fiercely loyal to those they care about. This about sums up every character in “The Vampire Diaries,” a classic 2000’s teen drama that takes place in a fictional town known as Mystic Falls. High school student Elena Gilbert has recently been orphaned and finds herself falling for the new guy at school until she finds out he’s an 150-year-old vampire. She soon realizes her town is riddled with supernatural beings, including vampires, witches and werewolves — oh my!

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Perhaps known as the goofiest of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius’ love to laugh and be entertained. The FOX series “New Girl” follows a recently single school teacher named Jessica Day that moves into a loft in Los Angeles with three random men she has never met. What ensues are seven hilarious seasons of ridiculous characters and unlikely friendships between Jess and the guys.

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