If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack

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We’ve all seen those TikToks about being the main character. And we’ve all tried to convince ourselves that we were definitely the star of our own life’s story. But have you ever wondered what your soundtrack would be? Assuming your movie was a coming-of-age, senior year, high school, rom-com (as most are, for some reason, even though college is much more interesting), this would definitely be it.

2/14 – The Band CAMINO

Most songs in the indie pop genre fit that teen movie vibe perfectly. The Band CAMINO is certainly no exception; they might even be one of the best examples of such. That goes especially for this song, which would be playing over the opening titles.

Last Nite – The Strokes

The upbeat and edgy nature of this song makes it the perfect one to establish the setting of the movie. The Strokes is the perfect band to show just how unique our main character is supposed to be, as if The Strokes don’t have almost 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Picture the montage that starts in the main character’s room as she wakes up. She sings into her hairbrush, puts on mismatching socks, burns her toast and misses the bus — but it’s okay, because she’s not like other girls. The scene ends with her walking down the hallway on the first day of school, ready for whatever comes her way.

Don’t Call Me When You’re Lonely – Fox Royale

This song perfectly sets the scene for a beach day. But, as every teen movie must do, said beach trip is no ordinary beach trip. The entire high school class, including friends and foes, is actually somehow on an overnight field trip — complete with bonfires, loads of drama, and absolutely no indication of the school directors that supposedly arranged the trip.


This song (that’s it, that’s the tweet). Our protagonist is alone with her love interest for the first time, probably at night, and the two get to know each other through a beautiful montage. Though the love interest had previously seemed unattainable, he’s actually showing interest in the main character, and we can’t help but root for them. Though their relationship still remains platonic by the end of the scene, we all know that won’t last.

IDK You Yet – Alexander 23

Alright, you didn’t think this whole movie would be upbeat indie pop songs, did you? No, of course not. While this song is playing, the main character sees her love interest with another girl. His biggest flaw is, of course, the fact that he practically invented hookup culture — a lifestyle that he uses to hide the parts of himself that no girl has been important enough to uncover.

Stars & Galaxies – Carver Commodore

After that sad betrayal, it’s time for the bounce back. This is where the one-dimensional quirky best friend comes in to convince our protagonist that she is strong. Of course, this intrigues said love interest. Someone isn’t falling all over him? Why isn’t she distraught? Oh, right, because this is a teen movie; obviously she’s the girl of his dreams.

dancing around – flor

Picture summertime in the spring. The school year is almost over, and all that’s left is prom and graduation. Our main character enjoys a day on the boardwalk with her love interest (yes, they made up), full of giddy smiles and adorable moments, though they are still just friends. He doesn’t “do commitment,” remember?

Peach Pit – Peach Pit

The vibe of this song is sweetly personal, and feels like a warm hug while a summer storm rages outside. It plays after the main character gets into a fight with her love interest. Though it was clearly fueled by their refusal to admit their feelings for each other, she is sad, she is alone, and she needs a moment with her thoughts. By the end of the song, though, she has some sort of intuitive realization about how to rectify the situation — just in time for prom.

There’s Still A Light In The House – Valley

This is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Our main girl goes to prom with her friends, and is happy to be single because she finally loves herself. Fashionably late to her own prom, she walks into the gym that is shockingly well-decorated for a high school budget, and all eyes are on her. Including the eyes of — you guessed it — her love interest, who is ready to confess how he feels.

Youuu – COIN

Now this is an end credits song if VALLEY’s ever heard one. Reminiscent of iconic teen movies like “The DUFF,” “10 Things I Hate About You” and even a little bit of “Grease,” our main character and her love interest have confessed their feelings, and the camera pans up to the sky while this upbeat COIN song closes up what is really just the beginning of their story.

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