How Emma Chamberlain Can Be Your BFF Through A Screen

When most young people think of famous influencers, especially YouTubers, Emma Chamberlain comes to mind. She is known for her amazing style and relatable content; if you are not familiar with it, here is a little introduction. At 20 years old she has a stable career that is mainly on Youtube where she began, with small things on the side such as her own podcast and coffee company in Los Angeles, California.

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Chamberlain inspires young people to work hard for what they want and she is a big advocate for mental health awareness. She deals with depression and anxiety making it easy for her viewers to not feel alone when it comes to mental health. Some have even claimed that they feel like they are on FaceTime with her when watching her videos. She is not afraid to be raw and real about what she goes through as she grows into a young woman, which many find appealing.

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The Girl That Changes Lives

Moving from your home to college is a hard transition for everyone. Homesickness and stress are things that most feel when thrown into a different life, so to say. Even though Chamberlain is not in college and doesn’t necessarily know what it feels like to be a student, she somehow just gets it. She also has a life where she is thrown into something new every day, whether it’s a brand deal or traveling for a photoshoot, and although that doesn’t sound nearly as stressful as college, it can be. Social media can be toxic, and she has mentioned in her podcast that it affects her more than her fans might think. She is extremely real and does not hold anything back when it comes to the truth, being open and honest about her life, and her “how am i really doing?” episode solidifies that.

Many influencers touch on life as an influencer with social events and other glamorous lifestyle choices many simply admire from afar. Chamberlain’s content focuses on herself and simplicity of her day-to-day life despite being one of the leading influencers in the industry.

Her documented days include things such as cooking, reading and playing the drums. She rarely shows herself out with other people, which just proves to her audience that it is okay to not be outgoing all the time. As much as FOMO is real, your life does not have to be glamorous.

Chamberlain takes her career and her mental health very seriously because she worked hard to get to where she is now. In her morning routine video she takes her viewers with her throughout her day, and even though it is not much, she never fails to entertain.

Again, transitions in life can be hard. Watching Chamberlain’s videos will give you a little bit of relief in the sense that you are not alone in what you are going through. Treat her videos like a FaceTime call — it will make you feel much better!

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