The Line Dance: Party and Purpose | THON 2017

Photo by Ann Li

By Saturday night, most people have the line dance down, practically doing it in their sleep–if they’re receiving any. Valley went down to the floor to see what the 2017 line dance means to dancers, committee captains and committee members.

“It nails on everything that everyone was obsessed with, so it did a really good job of getting everything since last THON in a fun way,” says Nicole Singleton, a sophomore dancing for Penn State Figure Skating.

Raya Willoughby, Singleton’s fellow dancer for Penn State Figure Skating, agreed. “It really had all of those hit songs from the past year that take your mind off of the foot pain,” says Willoughby.

Not only those down on the floor are appreciating the clever words and amusing dance moves.

“The first line dance you can always gauge the crowd…and this one, everyone was ecstatic,” said Victoria Mascetti, a Public Relations Promotions captain. “They were jumping up and down and they had really good reactions to the mannequin challenge and ‘Why is everything so lit?’”

Of course, everyone has their expectations of what references will be included in the line dance. For the most part, the consensus was that this year’s hit on every big thing since THON 2016. But with social media starting new trends daily, there is always something else that could have been included.

Mascetti thought the “Sixers Theme Song” would be included with its growing popularity and with the 76ers having the number one draft pick.

“I thought ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers would play a bigger part but it only gets a little shout out,” says Brennan Cornwall, PR Promotions committee member.

“I’m dancing for a hip hop dance group so I like the fact that they incorporated Juju on that beat and Souljja Boy,” says Jason Hu, a senior dancing for Raw Aesthetic Movement (RAM) Squad.

Hu didn’t let his intense dance background get in the way of enjoying the dance.

“I don’t think it’s important that its advanced, it should be fun. I should vibe with it, everyone should vibe with it, and I did,” says Hu. “It’s a fun time. “

So fun that in fact, that the line dance’s true purpose is often forgotten.

“The real point of the line dance is to get people moving frequently throughout the weekend,” says Julia Magowan, a Dancer Relations captain. As a DR captain, Magowan wears many hats. Her position, Dancer Wellness, also comes with the job of being line dance coordinator. “I make sure that in making it fun and catchy we’re also making sure that it as beneficial for the dancers as possible,” she says.


Magowan emphasizes the importance of incorporating stretching and dynamic movements to keep dancers and other attendees feeling energized and enjoying THON throughout the entirety of the weekend.

Magowan loves that the crowd has been so enthusiastic in response to the line dance.

“I loved it personally but knowing that the crowd and the dancers love it is really cool,” says Magowan. “Once they start to respond and say stuff back I’m like okay, now they’re moving and grooving.”

And of course, the line dance is another part of the event that allows participants to think about the true spirit of THON.

“I like the final Four Diamonds verse because it brings it all in and reminds us why we do what we do, I get chills every time I do it on the floor,” says Erin Rush, a PR Promotions committee member.