Pups at Penn State 101


Having a dog in college can be overwhelming at times, but the rewards will usually outweigh any stress. Plus, think about how many more likes your Instagram posts will get with a new pup in your life.

Posted by Rent the Runway | @renttherunway

Rent Your Way To A Fashionable Night


Rent the Runway offers a unique service in which you can rent anything from a ball gown to a skirt and so many things in between. It’s like having a very fashionable sister that doesn’t mind sharing her clothes and happens to be the exact same size as you.

Photo by Shannon Deuel

Don’t Believe the Buzz


Bee pollen is said to strengthen your immune system, provide you with energy, cure and prevent colds, aid in the weight loss process and even help you become immune to allergies. But is this just a textbook case of the age-old saying “don’t believe everything you hear on the internet?”