Emma Chamberlain: The Trendsetting Gen Z Queen

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YouTube star Emma Chamberlain has been continuously influencing the fashion world at 19 years old with her authentic cool-girl style and has become Gen Z’s ultimate trendsetter.

Chamberlain took the YouTube platform by storm at just 16 years old with her sarcastic, deeply caffeinated and highly relatable humor, and has since amassed over 9.6 million (and counting) subscribers.

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Her videos are truly distinctive due to her sound cues, unexpected edits, outtakes and her quirky personality. After gaining a following, many creators also began using similar editing styles to Chamberlain’s.

Emma Chamberlain isn’t just popular on YouTube—she also carries a following of 11 million on Instagram and 8.5 million on TikTok—which has been noticed by many brands and platforms and has even landed Chamberlain on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s February 2020 issue.

Chamberlain also launched a podcast last year called Stupid Genius where she attempts to answer questions that she doesn’t know the answer to. Her podcast was doing extremely well and even reached the number one spot on the Apple Podcast charts.

Recently, she has rebranded her podcast and calls it Anything Goes where any type of topic she wants to talk about is discussed. Chamberlain wanted to create a more personal, raw podcast that everyone could relate to —with her sarcastic sense of humor—of course.

If you’ve seen a video or two, you know Chamberlain is obsessed with coffee and has shown the world that she is not only a YouTuber but a serious entrepreneur that has started her own sustainable, ‘zero bullshit’ coffee company called Chamberlain Coffee.

Being a young teenager turned YouTube star, turned podcaster, turned entrepreneur, turned fashion icon is a lot to take on, but Chamberlain does it without hesitation.  

Her greatest influence thus far in her career has been on the fashion industry. Emma Chamberlain’s famous thrifting hauls sparked a new interest in the activity, which has become a huge fad among young adults and teenagers.

Video posted by Emma Chamberlain on YouTube.com

She has a unique and funky 90s style that the internet easily embraces. Chamberlain told Fashionista, “..my style is mixing modern trends with retro trends and making them fit in a way that isn’t what you expect at all times.”

With an influence so large, big brands like Louis Vuitton have taken notice and invited her to sit front row at their Paris Fashion Week in March 2019. They have since partnered with the star and continue to invite her to their events.

Recently, the star took to Twitter expressing how much she missed the comfy combo of yoga pants and Uggs, and a few days later posted an Instagram selfie sharing her new fit of – you guessed it, yoga pants.

Posted by @emmachamberlain on Twitter
Photo posted by @emmanoelle on Pinterest

The internet couldn’t resist and quickly followed suit, recreating Chamberlain’s look of a Nike Crewneck, a turtleneck, a thick fabric headband and a few other small accessories.

A trend we haven’t seen since the 2010s has officially been resurrected and is on everyone’s Pinterest boards, and we’re definitely not upset about it.

The yoga pant trend isn’t the only one we can credit Chamberlain for bringing back. The I.Am.Gia Pixie Sherpa coat, Doc Martens, printed dad sweaters, the shoelace belt and, of course, the scrunchie were all other trends brought back into existence by her, as well.

Photo posted by @emmachamberlain on Instagram

When Emma Chamberlain speaks a trend in to the world, the internet is definitely listening.



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