Meet Fashion’s Newest Influencer: Social Media

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At a time when social media has gained the attention of millions of people around the world, influencers shape the fashion industry one post at a time.

Whether on blogs or Instagram, influencers have work with a variety of brands by sharing featured images with their populated audience. Brands use influencers due to their massive following, which draws in new faces to a company.

Not only have influencers worked with fashion companies to promote them, but they’ve now begun formulating their own brands. By creating lines of new looks, these influencers have kept their followers on their toes waiting for a new look for inspiration or for items to purchase and use to add a new element to their daily styles.

As distinguished faces behind labels, influencers have the inside scoop to all things fashion, including invites to exclusive events and fashion week invitations.

Chiara Ferragni – The Blonde Salad

Italian fashion blogger, Chiara Ferragni has been in the industry since starting her blog, The Blonde Salad, in 2009. After years of garnering popularity and gaining a huge following, Ferragni launched her own line, Chiara Ferragni Collection. She also became the first blogger on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, posed as a cover star for various publications and had a docufilm premier on Amazon Prime.

With over 18 million followers on her social media accounts, Ferragni updates the world on the latest trends, fashion collaborations with brands and new pieces in her line. Additionally, she attends events and contributes her two cents on influencing and how the public will react to certain pieces.

Camille Charriere – Camille Over the Rainbow

Before becoming a freelance blogger, Parisian influencer Camille Charriere started her fashion career working for Net-A-Porter. Appealing to her following of almost one million people on Instagram, Charriere posts a variety of looks from streetwear and fashion week looks to editorial shoots.

Charriere hosts a podcast called “Fashion No Filter” alongside Monica Ainley, a Canadian it-girl who loves Parisian style. The podcast focuses on sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how the fashion industry operates. Through addressing the latest trends, interviewing notable icons, and discussing the industry and its complex system, Charriere continues to keep her audience informed even when not posting on her blog.

Naomi Olindo – L’ABEYE

An influencer who shows the world sneak peeks into her daily antics in Charleston, South Carolina, Naomi Olindo gained her fame through Bravo’s hit show “Southern Charm.” Her daily outfits, often a combination of southern flare and French heritage, inspire many.

In 2018 Olindo and her partner Ginny Cox launched her e-commerce company, L’ABEYE, a “lifestyle brand for fashion-forward women.” With new pieces introduced on a regular basis, customers can purchase the latest trends online whether it’s a romper to swimwear.

Involving her mass following, L’ABEYE often incorporates her audience in the process by reposting customers in pieces or allowing them to become brand ambassadors to continue the promotion and growth to various audiences.

Hannah Godwin – Various Collaborations

From vying for love to reaching new heights in paradise, Hannah Godwin garnered a massive following of 1.5 million from her time as a contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.

Godwin gave her following a variety to choose from in her past summer collection with JustFab, with items including staple pieces with Godwin’s personal intertwined. When not collaborating with different brands, Godwin talks about her everyday fashion items within each post citing where she purchased each item, which allows for her followers to find the exact duplicates.

Anna Monteiro – Blushing Rose Style

Hoping to document “style and inspiration,” Anna Monteiro began her blog in 2016. Through her blog about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more, Monteiro shares her latest finds and tips and tricks with her audience. An incentive to her followers are her quick links and ideas to navigate the world of online shopping.

In a partnership with Gibson Clothing, Monteiro (alongside other fashion bloggers in the community) created a line including loungewear, workwear, and more. The line launched at Nordstrom and became available everywhere on March 5, 2020.



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