5 Fashion-Turned-Mommy Bloggers Worth Following

Photo posted by @houseofharper on Instagram

Everybody knows that winter means cuffing season, and when being cuffed turns to marriage, babies often come next. Whether you’re cuffed or not, you’re bound to experience baby fever at one point or another. 

Luckily, if you’re not ready for babies but are obsessed with their squishy little faces, there’s plenty of fashion-turned-mommy bloggers on Instagram that have you covered. 

Here are five bloggers who not only post premium fashion content, but also share snaps and stories of their adorable children. 

House of Harper 

Caroline Harper Knapp is mom to two adorable boys, Andrew and Knox, and has a baby girl on the way. Between shots of her beautifully designed home and her sweet and classy southern style, Knapp, also known as House of Harper, features her family online regularly. If you didn’t already have baby fever, a scroll through her Instagram will have you wishing you had two smiley little blonde boys of your own! 

Julia Engel 

It’s no surprise that Julia Engel, known for her feminine dress collection called “Gal Meets Glam” and love of pink, had a baby girl earlier this year. Engel’s daughter Clementine has big blue eyes and dressed up as the cutest little clementine you’ve ever seen for Halloween! Based on Engel’s flower-filled Instagram account and love for all things girly, there’s no doubt there are plenty of hair bows in Clementine’s future. 

Styled Snapshots 

Kendall Kremer, aka Styled Snapshots, went from puppy mom to boy mom when she gave birth to her son Logan in April 2019. Kremer’s Instagram feed shows how to navigate The Big Apple with a new baby in tow, all while looking comfortable and chic. With parents who love to travel, Logan seems like he might grow up to be quite the jetsetter, as he already took his first trip to Europe last month. 

Meg McMillin 

Chicago-based blogger Meg McMillin recently moved from the city to the suburbs with her husband and son James. Her Instagram feed has recently featured a pink theme, so it’s no surprise that she has baby number two (a girl!) on the way. For those who love minimalistic feeds and wouldn’t mind enjoying Instagram stories of a curious toddler who seems wise beyond his years, Meg McMillin is the perfect mommy blogger to follow. 

Kathleen Barnes 

Although not yet a mama, Kathleen Barnes and her husband Christian are soon-to-be new parents to a baby boy. Known for her website Carrie Bradshaw Lied, Barnes has shared daily witty commentary about her love of Bravo and her pets for years, and it’s only a matter of time until she goes full-on mommy blogger. Whether you like her for pet-focused content, designer fashion styles or simply enjoy how attractive her husband is, Kathleen Barnes is a future mom worth your follow. 


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