College Crisis: Summer Lovin’ Gone Too Fast

Our college years are full of dramatic “I’m not a grown up!” moments- mostly unexpected, and typically unwanted. Anonymous Valley writers discuss it all, from avoiding basic responsibilities to dealing with the big, bad future. Let’s talk about it.

Beach3As John Travolta and Olivia Newton John sang, “Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast…”

Now that summer is over and classes are in full swing, I look back and ask, “Where has the time gone?” It’s a difficult transition, especially when you spent the entire summer with that cute boy who lives down the street. Nothing is better than some carefree summer love.

I’m sure that most girls can relate to the frustration of a summer fling dying out—especially when the guy you were crazy about all summer isn’t a Penn State student. Well, that’s what I’m in the middle of right now.

I love being back in Happy Valley, but now that I’m an upperclassman the whole frat scene seems repetitive. I’m looking for something more mature than flirting with guys who don’t remember my name or who think that a romantic date is ordering late night snacks at Wings Over.

So after my first week back at school, I have a piece of advice for other girls in my situation.  First things first, read the signs.

Distance can be intimidating, but if the guy is worth the time and energy, then making it work will be easier than you think. But, it’s important that the guy is equally still into you as you are him. You’re both busy with school and work, but sending him a quick text telling him to have a good day doesn’t take a lot of time, yet shows that you care. Is he texting you as much as you text him? That’s a good sign – it means you’re on his mind even though you’re hundreds of miles away.

Once you’ve established a good texting relationship, advance to Skype and phone calls. Yes, you actually have to speak to him to make things work. These are both great way to make someone feel closer to you. Being away at school shouldn’t interfere with a relationship if both of you have genuine feelings for each other.

Between classes, studying and having a social life, these next few weeks will fly by. If you and your guy are still talking by the time Thanksgiving and winter breaks come up, make it a point to spend time with each other while you’re home. See how that goes and take the relationship from there—nothing should feel forced just because the two of you are back together again.

Don’t make any hasty decisions right now just because you believe that a summer fling can’t work out. Make sure it’s causal and comfortable for both of you and take things slow. Remember, you need to do what’s best for you. So keep calm, and the relationship will carry on!

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