5 Brands Who Want YOU As A Student Rep

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So many brands, both big and small, have taken students onto their ambassador teams to represent them on a college campuses around the world.

It’s no surprise that a lot of these companies look for student representatives at Penn State — it’s a huge campus with so much diversity and talent, and many students have large social media followings, which helps brands get even more recognition.

Even if you don’t know someone personally who has participated in a student ambassador program, you’ve probably been influenced to purchase something before by someone acting as a student rep.

A lot of these reps get special benefits like discounts, commission and free swag! Sounds great, right? Many of these programs are just one application away … so what are you waiting for?!


Victoria’s Secret PINK’s campus rep program is immersive, hands-on and full of pink!

Campus reps act as on-campus social media influencers for the brand, get real world career-building experience, impact product and branding and empower other young women on campus through it all!

There’s a huge list of schools that VSPINK has reps at and that list is expanding each year, so the opportunity is out there no matter where you live and learn!

Want to take your obsession with PINK to the next level? Visit their site for more info.

Rent the Runway

Since 2009, Rent the Runway has been revolutionizing the fashion industry and making designer clothing more accessible for people of all backgrounds and incomes.

RTR’s rep program allows students to gain fashion, marketing and social media experience all from the convenience of their campus. It’s also a great way to support a sustainable company!

Benefits of joining the rep program include discounts on rentals, the opportunity to get your content reposted on RTR’s social media and career-building resources.

Apply here to join the Rent the Runway community as a spring 2020 rep!

Daniel Wellington

Want to represent a brand with timeless pieces that are perfect for managing your time as a college student? Daniel Wellington’s DW on Campus program is a great opportunity to do just that!

Student reps for Daniel Wellington work to increase brand awareness on their campus through hosting branded, sponsored events and sharing content on social media.

The best part? The rewards are endless! Not only do student reps get free product, but they also earn commission and can even receive gift cards, concert tickets and more for their hard work.

Pura Vida

Chances are, you probably know someone who is a Pura Vida rep or has been in the past. This jewelry company has a huge reach and it’s super easy to apply for their affiliate program!

What started out as a small brand inspired by a trip to Costa Rica, Pura Vida has turned into a household name known for their stylish pieces and charitable contributions. If you love giving back and want to contribute to the nearly $1.9 million Pura Vida donates each year to more than 175 charities, this is the perfect brand partnership for you!

Visit their affiliate program application for more information on how to apply.

Southern Tide

Although Penn State is located in the center of a landlocked state, that doesn’t mean students who attend the University can’t rep a brand that values being out on the water.

Southern Tide’s ambassador program offers multiple opportunities, including both collegiate and lifestyle ambassadors. According to the site, the ambassador program is a community of passionate and inspirational people across the country.

Can’t hide the prep in your step and your love for adventure? Southern Tide’s ambassador program might be right for you!



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