Love May Be Blind But We Aren’t: Your Next Binge-Watch

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“Love is Blind” is Netflix’s newest addition to the reality show dating scene, and people everywhere are buzzing about the ten drama-filled episodes.

You might think that the world doesn’t need any more reality TV, but the new show “Love is Blind” proves otherwise — and it’s currently trending #2 on Netflix’s Top 10 shows.

The premise of the show is straightforward: Men and women fall in love with a physical wall in between them, not finding out what the other looks like until after they’re engaged. Then, the question becomes whether or not the couple develops physical attraction to each other and makes it to “I do.”

The series focuses on five main couples and how their relationships develop from their first conversation in the “pods” (the rooms where they have their blind conversations) up until the day of their weddings.

So, let’s dive into the couples, shall we?

Warning: Some spoilers ahead; however, we won’t be spoiling the finale — that’s for you to find out on your own.

Lauren and Cameron

These two should be referred to as the only stable couple in this entire show. Almost immediately, the two click, and it takes Cameron only a few days to pop the question to Lauren. His certainty and unwavering dedication to Lauren has to be something from a movie, because what guy acts like that??? And while we won’t discuss the finale, all VALLEY is going to say is that we’re rooting for these two.

Jessica and Mark

Wow, what a rollercoaster. These two seemed to click from the beginning, but their ten-year age difference (Mark was 24 at the time of shooting while Jessica was 34) and Jessica’s consant feelings for someone else are obstacles in their relationship. Oh, and Mark’s obsessive “my-mother-is-perfect” attitude annoyed Jess a lot. Again, we’ll leave the finale alone in case anyone doesn’t want spoilers. But, this relationship was an honest to goodness whirlpool of emotions.

Kenny and Kelly

To be honest, not much can be said about this couple other than the fact that they have oddly similar names. Kelly refers to Kenny as her “best friend,” and for the most part that’s how they act: like they’ve been best friends their whole lives. No spoilers, of course, but a warning: they’re not the most interesting couple in this series. If a saltine cracker was a couple, it would be these two.

Giannina and Damian

These two were hot and cold from the beginning. One second they were obsessed with each other, and another second they were fighting about Gigi being on her phone or Damian not communicating well. They showed a lot through this relationship how not “picture-perfect” things can get. It was really refreshing (and of course, entertaining) to see.

Amber and Barnett

These two weren’t a predictable pairing. While Amber was so sure of her feelings for Barnett from the beginning, Barnett spent the entire season indecisive (he has to be a Libra). The two also face real-world difficulties like Amber’s student loans and credit card debt, and Barnett’s family’s opinions about Amber. This couple continues to surprise the audience throughout the entire show, and their feature in the finale was no different.

Make sure to check out the “Love is Blind” cast reunion that aired Thursday, March 5 on Netflix. Tweet us at @VALLEYmag if you’re as obsessed as we are.



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