Holidays, But Make It Fashion

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We’re approaching the holiday season, and it’s time to start getting your runway outfits ready just to strut around your aunt’s living room. The holidays are a great opportunity to dress up and really showcase your style, so when deciding what to wear, it’s always important to feel comfortable and dress in what works for you and your body.

Every person has unique features that, with the right outfit, can be accentuated and celebrated. Some of the easiest ways to bring attention to your most notable features is with the use of makeup and through the colors of your clothes. 

Makeup has truly become an art form in itself, so now that the holidays are here, it may be a good opportunity to experiment with different looks.

Specifically, when choosing a color scheme for your look, some things that are good to make note of are the colors. Makeup should not only match your outfit, but also make your features pop — use lipstick that makes Kylie Jenner jealous and eyeliner sharp enough to cut that Christmas ham. Some easy ways to do this is through eyeshadow choices and to base it on the color of your eyes.

The eyes are the most natural accessory so if your eyes are: 

Brown: Almost anything goes. Brown is a very neutral base color that works well with bright shades, dark or even nudes. 

Hazel: Make it shine. Metallics and nudes are the best way to ensure that you don’t drown out the flecks of gold or green that are so common with hazel eyes. Too dark or too bright and you can end up masking the kaleidoscope in your eyes. 

Dark Brown: Go bright. The dark shade acts as a canvas for those fun violets and blues that are otherwise hard to pull off. 

Blue/Green: Your eyes are the pop of color so keep it neutral and soft with nudes or light pinks/browns. Adding color to the waterline or inner corner of the eye can also help in enhancing that color by drawing it out from the eye without cancelling it out completely. 

Now let’s talk accessories.

Ultimately it comes down to two simple ideas. First, keep it balanced.

If your blouse of choice has diamonds, glitter and a bedazzled Turkey on it, you can get away with just a simple pair of studs or small necklace. If your outfit is relatively based on plain colors with few patterns, maybe go for the statement piece.

Another option is to simply stick to what you think looks good. Jewelry is one of the more direct ways to make an outfit your own, so if you want to wear those diamond hoops, stilettos and a giant rock on your hand while everyone else is in jeans, go for it!

Some fun new trends are headbands, head scarves or fancy hair clips so change it up and try to add a new accessory at every holiday.

Ready for the big question? Gold … or silver?

It can be acknowledged that some people are “silver wearers” and some are “gold wearers” — which is totally based on preference — and arguably both metals go with any color, so when it’s time to decide between the two, look for cohesion.

Gold tends to match well with warmer colors or black and whites, while silver goes well with brighter, more vibrant colors. The two are truly interchangeable but another idea to consider is the holiday itself. For example, Thanksgiving is a fall holiday with warmer tones of reds, browns and yellows so this would be a good time to bring out the golds. Winter, on the other hand, is filled with icy blues and shiny whites and grays, so silver may be the choice here. 

Holidays are the fashion week of the “typical” woman, so take the opportunity to try new looks and style your outfits with accessories and impressive makeup looks.

There is no wrong answer in fashion, so express yourself and enjoy the holidays!

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