Student Ambassador Programs You Need to Take Advantage Of

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Student ambassadorships are a great way to build up your resume put yourself out there with large companies, all the while racking some extra cash. Not only do these programs provide new opportunities, experiences and exposure to some of the largest corporate brands, but you also don’t even need a large social media platform to get involved! All of the ambassadorships below can be entirely applied for virtually, where the application is quick and simple!


Bumble is predominantly a dating, meeting and networking app all in one. Penn State’s student body is very large compared to other universities and it may be intimidating in the concept of meeting new people and making new friends. Bumble student ambassadors are “given the creative freedom to bring Bumble to life on their campuses through exciting events, creative stunts, and more.”

It is a highly interactive ambassadorship, so this spot would be perfect for our social butterflies or anyone looking to put themselves out there and meet new people while representing their university. These ambassadors receive monetary compensation based on how well they market the app and some of their most deserving ambassadors are even sent on an all-expenses-paid trip!

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Insomnia Cookies 

Our favorite late-night-snack/ comfort food also has an ambassador position available for our student body. If you’re looking for a local based “flexible job and some real-world marketing experience”, insomnia cookies is your spot. Some of the perks included in becoming a student ambassador with Insomnia Cookies range from student discounts, annual summits and most importantly free cookies!

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Amazon Prime

Amazon is looking for driven college students who are well connected on campus and have a strong networking drive and platform. This does not necessarily require a large following, you just need to be an active applicant! Prime student ambassadors gain a “$100 weekly stipend for fulfilling program responsibilities, participation in the network of Amazon Prime Student Campus Managers, ongoing coaching and professional development support from the Riddle & Bloom team and experience in both marketing and leadership, a valuable resume-builder”.

The key responsibilities coupled with becoming a Prime Student Ambassador are creating content on your public social media platforms, promoting Prime students and engaging in on-campus networking and marketing events.

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Tinder U Campus Reps

Tinder’s sole function is not just to match and message people you’re never going to actually hang out with. It’s a great general meeting platform if you’re looking for new faces around campus. Tinder U Campus Reps “work independently to spark awareness” about the sociability that the app provides. These campus reps would host networking events on campus, collaborate with other reps on and off-campus, represent Tinder their personal social media pages in the hope to drive more campus engagement with the app.

This is a great position to get involved, meet new people, build a resume and have amazing networking opportunities with those in higher positions of the company. Ambassadors also receive Tinder merch, and we can’t say no to free merch.

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#DW ON CAMPUS With Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a popular watch and jewelry brand for all of your sophisticated accessory needs. Their campus reps “Increase brand awareness in your college community, host branded sponsored events on your college campus in collaboration with clubs and organizations
and create content to share on your social channels and take over the @dwoncampus Instagram”.

DW on Campus reps reaps the benefits of “Generate sales to earn commission and level up from Bronze to Diamond, earn points by completing missions, making posts and hosting events and get rewarded with gift cards, concert tickets, attendance to exclusive events” all while building a strong networking platform and gaining a great conversation starter on their resume.

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Apple Inc. is always searching for innovative students that are passionate about their products and looking to build their networks inside and outside of their campus life. An Apple Campus Leader is a coordinated and involved student that is comfortable with presentation and organizations of company events on campus. They pose flexible working hours that accommodate COVID-19 precautions while providing lots of hands-on learning opportunities.

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Campus ambassadors for Victoria’s Secret PINK are supportive and inspiring individuals that utilize their voice on campus in a positive manner. These specific roles are applied for and carried out for the year, where applications commonly open up around August, prior to the fall semester. They are looking for authentic candidates that can bring life and fun and VS PINK to their university. Outside of receiving the campus rep title and the marketing/ networking experience that many ambassadorship promises, following the completion of the position ambassadors receive a final certification of their time as a campus rep.

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