Bumble Goes to College

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Buzz Buzz, Penn Staters! Weve heard of Bumble, the famous dating app that requires women to make the first move within the first 24-hours of matching. Now were being introduced to Bumble Honey, the apps latest marketing program that brings the bees to college! With the help of the chosen Penn State Bumble Student Ambassadors, a big yellow Bumble community is being created on our campus, and VALLEYis here for it.

Merritt Shelton is one of our four female Bumble campus representatives. A sophomore majoring in advertising here at Penn State, this is her first semester on the job, and she couldnt be more excited.

I really wanted to get involved with Bumble because it’s all about female empowerment,” says Shelton. “My goal is to educate people on the different sectors that Bumble has to offer as well as bring people together and create meaningful and lasting connections.

What many people are not aware of is that Bumble is not just limited to dating. If you click on the Bumble logo on the app at the top of the page, you will see an option to switch modes either to Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz:

“Bumble Bizz is a great tool for networking and is a great futuristic tool that we now have that can be an asset to us in the business world,” Merritt explains. “College students can really benefit from it.”

Merritt gets to work with a company that she is passionate about while also getting hands-on experience in advertising. Her job is to get as many people to download Bumble as possible. She does this by planning Bumble-themed events on campus, posting Bumble-inspired pictures to her social media accounts and wearing and distributing exclusive Bumble merchandise.

Penn Staters have been spotted in their black and yellow accessories, which means that they’re loving the app as much as we do too!

Merritt sporting her Bumble hat! Photo provided by Merritt Shelton.

Merritt and sophomore Sloane Silverman wearing their Bumble apparel. Photo provided by Merritt Shelton.











My advice to girls on making the first move is to be yourself and be confident! They matched with you because they liked what you were about, not just what you look like. Talk to them as if they’re a new friend.

All in all, Bumble is all about defying common stereotypes and boosting confidence. Whether you want to use it to find love, a friendship or a business opportunity, the opportunities are limitless with just a tiny yellow icon on our phones. Happy pollinating, Penn Staters!

For more information on how you can become a Bumble representative for our campus, click here!


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