Surprise Penn State, the Jonas Brothers are in Town

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We Are … in State College! On April 5, the Jonas Brothers surprised everyone in State College (and Twitter) by performing at Champs Downtown right here in Penn State. Debuting their new song “Cool,” students over the age of 21 swarmed downtown State College for the chance to see their 2007 idols in person.

The Jonas Brothers, who are known for their hits such as “Year 300,” “Burnin’ Up” and “S.O.S,” along with their iconic Disney show, “Jonas,” announced that they are back and better than ever. Just this February, the Jonas Brothers shocked fans with their reunion after debuting their new single, “Sucker,” six years since their last single. “Sucker” immediately went #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 with almost 200 million streams on Spotify. Less than two months after the release of their single, the Jonas Brothers have performed or plan to perform at many places such as “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” “Saturday Night Live,” and … State College.

Students started speculating the Jonas Brothers’ cameo in State College after Joe Jonas started supporting Champs Downtown on Twitter during 5th Year’s Barstool Best Bar Bracket. Jonas, who spent his 21st birthday right here in State College at Champs Downtown, insinuated that the Jonas Brothers might pay a visit to Penn State after he said he “might have something up his sleeve” if Champs Downtown moved on to the semi-finals. Many students headed to Champs Downtown in hopes that the rumors of the Jonas Brothers’ visit to Penn State were true. The rumors proved to be true as soon as football coach, James Franklin, introduced the one and only Jonas Brothers to the stage.

In a night that will now go down in Penn State history, the Jonas Brothers partied along Penn State students while performing their early 2000s classics and their new hits at Champs Downtown. They even performed their new song, “Cool,” for the first time.  Not only did the Jonas Brothers come to party at Penn State, but the “J Sisters” also tagged along. Priyanka Chopra, Sansa Stark from “Game of Thrones” aka Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas surprised State College alongside their husbands or soon-to-be husband to cheer on Champs and have some fun too.

While many got to hang out with the Jonas Brothers for the night, other students, especially those under the age of 21, weren’t so lucky. Even students who were over the age of 21 had a hard time getting past the swarm of eager students waiting outside Champs Downtown. Who wouldn’t want to see the Jonas Brothers’ surprise performance? Although many fans were unable to actually see the Jonas Brothers, students took to Twitter to express their love for the Jonas Brothers, Penn State and the fact that Nick Jonas said he would’ve attended Penn State if he went to college.

For those were at Champs Downtown, the night ended with an open bar funded by the Jonas Brothers, free tickets for the Jonas Brothers to attend next year’s White Out game and one great experience. Although Champs Downtown lost the title of “Best College Bar,” it won the title in the eyes of the Jonas family and that’s all that really matters.


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