Celebrity Comebacks: The Good, and the Ones Who Should Just Give Up

We worshipped Lindsay Lohan during her Mean Girls period and grew up watching Christina Aguilera go from “Genie in a Bottle” to “Dirrty”. And whether we want to admit it or not, we all had a crush on at least one of the Jonas Brothers. If you say that you didn’t have a poster of The Backstreet Boys when you were in elementary school, you’re lying.

They were fun when we were younger, but do we really want them coming back?

Lindsay was with us when we grew up, but not long after she grew up herself, she became a walking disaster. From stealing a diamond necklace to multiple car accidents, our idol crashed and burned before our eyes.

Recently, she’s starred in the original Lifetime movie “Liz and Dick”, a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor which The Hollywood Reporter calls “spectacularly bad”. Based on the trailer, they might have a point.

“Just no, all over no,” says Kyle Robb, a freshman. “In The Parent Trap she’s fine, but now she’s just a disaster.”

As for XTina, she hasn’t made tabloid headlines – but the problem with her is she hasn’t been making any headlines since she’s had a baby. She’s been trying with her judging stint on “The Voice”, but other than Adam Levine letting her be on “Moves Like Jagger” and her wearing clothes that are way too tight, not much can be said about her, which is unfortunate, according to Kyle.

“She’s an amazing singer,” she says. “I’m not ashamed to say that I listen to her.”

The JoBros have been writing and recording songs since the beginning of this year and have told fans that an album is due out in 2013. You might roll your eyes, but the 15-year-old girl in you is squealing and looking up pictures to see what your favorite one looks like now. Other than “Married with Jonas”, nobody really knows what they’ve been up to lately.

“Well I listened to them in middle school,” Kyle says. “I thought it was good, but now they’re way past their prime.”

Lastly, and maybe least, what about the NKOTBSB tour? They toured in 2011 and 2012, and allegedly made some much needed dough while doing it. NKOTB may have been a little bit before us but we all had a crush on a BSB at one point or another (unless you were strictly an *NSYNC girl). But was the tour even worth it? Kyle says it was.

“I have a lot of friends who went. I didn’t go, but they still have a huge fan base.”

But should every celebrity try to make a comeback?

“Only people who were genuinely talented,” Kyle says. “They should always try.”

What do you think? Are there any celebrities who should be trying but aren’t? Or are there any who should’ve stayed in retirement?

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Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan, Getty Images via Huffington Post; Christina Aguilera, FanPop


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  • Avatar Jeremy C says:

    Lohan can still come back. Look at Robert Downy. I think she will make a comeback. She was seen as a kid doing kid movies. Now that is Absolutely destroyed. She can do adult movies now.

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