Delaney Childs: Fits for Fashion Shows

Photo posted by @delaneychilds on Instagram

Nowadays, fashion influencers play a major role in the fashion industry by setting the trends and creating new styles. Delaney Childs is a fashion influencer who has established herself in the industry and generated a large following with her blog posts, YouTube vlogs and Instagram posts. As fashion influencing can be a competitive industry, it is up to influencers to continue coming up with creative content for their platforms that hasn’t been seen before. Childs did just that when she recently started a series with her boyfriend on social media, in which they style themselves as if they were attending different designer’s fashion shows.

Photo from @delaneychilds on Instagram

Before she started this series, though, Childs already had an impressive following on both her Instagram and Youtube channel. It all started when she moved to Los Angeles a few years back and started developing a presence on social media under the name “The Styled Seed.” Along with her Instagram and other socials, Childs had started a blog covering everything fashion and beauty. In one year, she gained 200k subscribers to her Youtube channel and she now has almost 500k followers on Instagram. However, she doesn’t work alone. Childs started her journey with her boyfriend, Clayton, and he has been there throughout the growth of Child’s platform.

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Childs and her boyfriend Clayton Hendrix are the epitome of a stylish couple. Whether going for a casual or formal look, they sure know how to dress. Childs and Hendrix have been together for almost six years now and they seem to be a perfect match (they even match their outfits sometimes). Childs features Hendrix frequently on her Youtube channel and Instagram, crediting him for being her personal photographer.

It wasn’t until early March that Childs posted a video on TikTok titled, “What We Would Wear Front Row to Designer Fashion Shows.” This video featured the couple styling outfits for fashion shows for Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi and Chanel. They nailed each look, encapsulating the styles and aesthetics of each designer.

Photos from @delaneychilds on TikTok

The video gained massive approval from fashion gurus in the comments that loved the idea and the styled outfits. It only made sense for Childs and Hendrix to start a series by creating another video.

Later in March, Childs posted the second video on her Instagram. This time, the video featured looks inspired by Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Childs and Hendrix, once again, made a video that captured the attention of Child’s substantial Instagram following and that of other fashion influencers.

Photos from @delaneychilds on Instagram

If designers were smart, they would be sending invitations to these two to attend their next show. We hope that this dynamic duo doesn’t stop making these iconic videos and we’ll definitely be waiting for the next one.



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