Chiara Ferragni Breaking Gender Stereotypes

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On Feb, 9th of 2023, Chiara Ferragni, the Italian influencer was asked to be one of the hosts at the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy. Her presence was shocking to the audience due to the four garments she decided to wear. They all had inspiring messages supporting breaking gender stereotypes that all struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

The Shameless Dress:

Designed by Dior ‘s creative director—Maria Grazia Chiuri. This dress was created with the aim of getting rid of the stereotype that women’s bodies are objects and nothing more than that. It symbolizes that women should not feel shameful for having curves and having an attractive figure, instead they should own their body and their skin. The dress is nude and Ferragni’s body is painted in the dress as part of the design.

Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram

“The Illusion of nudity aims to remind women of the right they have to show and handle themselves without feeling judged or guilty…This is the body of Chiara Ferragni, would like to give voice to all the women who are told that their body is shameful and that it’s nothing more than an object of desire that incites sin.”

Chiara Ferragni.
Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram
The Hate Dress: 

Next up, we have a second piece, designed by Dior ‘s creative director—Maria Grazia Chiuri. The inspiration behind this dress are the hate comments Ferragni receives on her Instagram posts about her work, making her feel shameful about being a business woman and not dedicating all her time to her children. The designer decided to write the insults on a white silk dress with black pearls symbolizing the hate that has been thrown at Ferragni’s character. 

Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram
Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram
The Cage: 
Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram

Created by Dior ‘s creative director—Maria Grazia Chiuri.  The meaning of this dress is to free new generations from the stereotypes that have been ingrained in the consciousness of past societies that makes them feel trapped and not being able to express their true self. The dress is designed with a rhinestone shirt and has a skirt a rhinestone cage. Ferragni posted a picture posing with her daughter in the same garment, symbolizing that she wants the generation of her child to set free from stereotypes and to own the beauty of what it means to be a woman in this world. 

Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram

“This is a mother’s wish to her little girl that she can finally shout Victory” Chiara Ferragni.

The Manifesto Dress: 
Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram

The designers behind this dress created this piece with the end goal of expressing an essential message throughout fashion, they couldn’t miss the opportunity of the “The Sanremo Festival.” This dress is the product of a conversation between Dior ‘s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and Rachele Regini and Fluvia Carnevale—the artistic duo of Claire Fontaine. The design is a traditional Dior black piece with the manifesto-stole which has embroidered the words “Pensati Libera” meaning, “Think Yourself Free.”

Photo from @ChiaraFerragni on Instagram

The main stereotype Ferragni and designers want to break with this designer piece is to stop blaming women for their success and making them feel guilty for being independent on their own. 

Ferragni’s Compelling Words:

Ferragni gave a beautiful speech in the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy dedicated to her younger self. The speech was emotional because she regrets not accepting herself as a little girl and feeling shameful and guilty for being a woman. She tells her past self how proud she is of becoming a successful businesswoman, wife and mother and is proud of not following the gender stereotypes society imposes on all of us.

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