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What are they wearing? How are they standing out from the rest of the room? How is their shirt making it look like there’s a spotlight on them at all times? Why do they look so cool? The answer to these questions and the key to having people ask them about you is to wear metallics.

While statement pieces in general are making the comeback of the century, it’s only with metallics that you can really break the fourth wall and find a happy medium between both comfort and originality. In the spirit of our generation’s new-found appreciation for all things Y2K, here are VALLEY’s two key tips on everything metallic. 

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1. Know Where to Shop

Being able to pull off metallic is one thing, but it’s another in dealing with which stores are able to deliver the best quality products and nail the aesthetic you’re going for. Here is a list of VALLEY-approved stores that pass the vibe check. But of course, Depop is always a great option.

2. Know How to Wear It

It’s one thing to have a statement piece like metallics in your closet, but it’s another to wear them the right way. There’s always the safe bet— use neutrals as a buffer to make your ‘fit seem casual despite wearing such a bold piece. Or, there’s the option to embrace the statement you’re making simply by mixing textures, wearing a monochrome metallic moment or mismatching colors. Embrace the moment!

Will This Trend Last?
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Like every trend, there’s always the risk of buying a piece just for it to sit in your closet until the next trend cycle that calls for it. And while we might have said the same for metallics in the past, we feel as though this will slowly but surely make its way to becoming a staple statement for everybody. 

This comes from VALLEY’s prediction that Y2K is becoming the safest and most reliable trend that people will flock to. After having had its resurgence in the trend cycles in the past two years, it’s becoming more and more clear that when people want to look and feel their most confident, it comes from wearing pieces that remind them of the good old days without straying too far away from both who they are and what the current trends are.

So, what are your thoughts on the return of metallics? Tweet us @VALLEYmag with your thoughts and DM us @VALLEYmag on Instagram with your metallic ‘fits.


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