Danielle Bernstein’s Affordable, Size-Inclusive Collection at Macy’s

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Danielle Bernstein, best known for her fashion blog @WeWoreWhat, launched her new size-inclusive Macy’s collection this morning. The collection is available at 175 Macy’s stores worldwide, and of course, online. And the best part: every piece is under $100. The Danielle Bernstein Collection is centered around being ready to wear for people of all shapes and sizes — the line consists of 49 pieces ranging from size 00-24. Bernstein maintained her intention of keeping the collection neutral-toned with subtle patterns, so these pieces can be recycled for a chic daily look. 

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This may be her first collaboration with Macy’s, but Bernstein has already launched two self-renowned collections: a swimwear line and an overall line; however, there are two primary changes in her new collection from her past two. Bernstein’s previous lines were solely available in sizes 00-12 and were on the pricier side. Her new line will be targeted toward all individuals to keep any body type looking stylish without breaking the bank. 

Photo posted by @WeWoreWhat on Instagram

Danielle Bernstein started her @WeWoreWhat blog as a sophomore in college at FIT in New York City. She told Forbes magazine that she started the blog to share clothing trends and inspire her friends with what she saw at her new school.

“I was a sophomore in college. I’d just transferred from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to FIT in New York and was blown away by the difference in how girls dressed for school. I wanted to provide my friends at Wisconsin that daily source of outfit inspiration, so I bought my first camera, taught myself how to use it, and began photographing street style around campus.”

The first fashion line that Bernstein dropped was her overalls collection that she called “Second Skin.” In an interview with Forbes, she admitted she dropped the Second Skin Overalls collection because she saw an “opportunity to fill a gap in the market for a niche but old school staple, one that always popped up in brand collections but was maybe a few degrees off — too fashion-y, ill-fitting, etc.”

Since the drop of her overalls collection, her career has drastically taken off. With over two million followers on Instagram, Bernstein has become an iconic figure in the fashion industry. She has continued on her original mission to bring a modern twist to basics pieces, especially in her newest collection. 

Photo posted by @ShopWeWoreWhat on Instagram
Photo posted by @ShopWeWoreWhat on Instagram

To learn more about Danielle Bernstein and how she turned her @WeWoreWhat blog into a brand and business, pick up a copy of her autobiography, “This is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules, and Being a Boss in the Big City.

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