UNIversal: Banana Republic’s New Gender-Neutral Clothing Line

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Sometimes it can be tempting to steal clothes from the closets of friends, family members or significant others of the opposite gender. If you’re going for a certain look, the clothes that are offered in stores strictly for either males or females do not always cut it. With Banana Republic’s new gender neutral clothing line, gone are the days of shopping in the men’s section for an oversized button-down shirt or hoodie to add to your wardrobe. Having good style and the way that you express yourself through clothing does not have to be defined by your gender.

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Banana Republic recognized this idea that fashion does not have to be defined by gender, and they recently launched and created their first gender neutral clothing line. ​According to Banana Republic, their goal in creating the ​UNIversal collection​ ​is to continue the effort to ​”celebrate diversity and equality.” ​The line includes over 60 different styles that come in sizes XXS to XXL. UNIversal is a collection of basic and essential pieces that are designed for all genders with a universal fit. The collection features everything you could possibly need, from tees and sweaters to joggers and jackets. With so many options, styles and sizes, Banana Republic’s new line truly has something for everyone.

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If you want to shop this new collection, the good news is that it won’t be much of a burden to your wallet. The prices of pieces in the collection range from $29.50 for tees and similar items to $398 for winter coats. The majority of pieces are simple, making it easy to incorporate them into your wardrobe and use them to put together new outfits. Some of the best pieces in the collection are corduroy jackets, mock-neck sweaters, plaid double-breasted coats and merino wool cardigans. The collection also goes beyond clothing to include must-have winter accessories like backpacks, hats and scarves.

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Banana Republic described the UNIversal collection, which is the brand’s first gender neutral line, as “a curation of classic Banana Republic pieces for everyone to wear in the modern world.” Although it is a first for Banana Republic, other brands have taken part in this new wave of gender neutral fashion. Brands like ​Nicopanda​, ​Agender​, ​Telfar​, ​Toogood​, ​One DNA​, Bethnals​ and others are designed solely as gender neutral brands. Similar to Banana Republic, H&M has also joined the movement and released a ​unisex collection​. The fashion world is clearly making big changes and and moving past society’s gender norms when it comes to the typical male or female style. Gender has always told people what they can and cannot do in society as a man or a woman. This gender neutral clothing movement allows people to express themselves for who they truly are, regardless of their gender.


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