5 Body Posi Instagrammers Your Feed Needs

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We’ve all felt the pressure to do something productive during coronavirus quarantine. Whether you’re reminded by your favorite models vlogging their daily workout routines, or your BFF showing you all the old clothes she found while cleaning out her closet, the same message is there: get up and get busy! But what happens when this pressure turns into stress?

Truth is, it does for many, especially when it comes to staying fit. That’s the thing about working out: it’s no fun when you don’t genuinely want to do it! You shouldn’t feel pressured to push yourself to unhealthy extremes regarding fitness and diet, just so you can emulate the body types you see on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The most important thing to do, especially during quarantine, is to find ways to keep yourself busy that truly make you smile. And if working out isn’t doing that for you, reevaluate! Maybe it’s your routine — think about new ways to get your steps in and your heart racing. Consider going for a long walk (while social distancing of course) or completing one of POPSUGAR’s dance routines…or maybe you just need a break. And don’t worry — breaks are OK! Sit down, relax, watch your favorite chick flick and finish the entire pint of ice cream.

We’ve all been there and we are here to remind you that all bodies are beautiful bodies. Here are five body positive Instagrammers you need to start following.

Posted on Instagram by @maryscupoftea

Mary posts on her Instagram, blog and podcast about her experience going from a bikini competitor to a self-love advocate. Her goal is to teach women everywhere that diet culture needs to be canceled and your body needs to be celebrated. Check out her inspiring TedXTalk.

Posted on Instagram by @Iskra

#AerieReal ambassador and British model Iskra’s goal is to spread the message that everyBODY is beautiful. After years of being told that she was “too big” for straight-size modeling and “not big enough” for plus-size modeling, she’s been committed to ending body standards. To learn more about Iskra and her journey, check out her #AerieReal spotlight page.

Posted on Instagram by @bodyposipanda

Best-selling author of “Body Positive Power,” Megan is teaching the world that bodies of all sizes, shapes, shades, ages, genders and abilities should be praised. For more body positive inspo, take a look at her blog.

Posted on Instagram by @midsizecollective

Anushka Moore, creator of MidSize Collective, envisioned a space where “average” sized women from 10-18 could flaunt their fashion. Crowned as the original home of the not petite but not plus-sized style inspo, Anushka’s vision is only growing stronger with every post.

Posted on Instagram @alexlight_ldn

After overcoming various eating disorders and body image issues, Alex is a beacon of hope for all individuals struggling that they, too, can learn to love their natural, unedited, body. Check out her podcast for more details on her journey to learning to love her bod.

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