A “Nu” Way to Experience Fashion

While the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of several gatherings and fun events, for those that are still occurring in-person, the opportunity to dress up and experiment with new fashion trends is one thing that hasn’t been completely ruined.

However, purchasing a full brand new outfit for every single event you have coming up can be costly, especially as college students with limited time and opportunities to work or have leftover spending money.

This is where Nuuly may be a perfect solution for trying out the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank.

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Owned by URBN, who is mostly known for brands like Urban Outfitters and Free People, Nuuly is a monthly women’s clothing subscription service that allows customers to choose up to 6 pieces per month to be mailed right to your door. For $89, you get six brand-name clothing items to wear, with some pieces normally costing hundreds of dollars if bought on their own.

In college, it’s really common to buy a dress for a formal or a friend’s birthday, wear it once and then never use it again. While purchasing fun pieces can certainly be a great idea on occasion, it can get very costly very quickly.

Nuuly is not the first-ever clothing subscription service, but rather one of the only ones that focus on clothes you can wear every day, instead of just for a formal occasion. Rent the Runway, one of the most popular clothing subscriptions, is geared towards more formal occasions, while Nuuly is great for both casual clothing or a night out.

While events look different this year, dressing up and feeling confident is definitely a COVID-approved activity. A comfortable dress with plenty of room for pie or a statement sweater can tie together your Thanksgiving look.

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At the end of the month, if you really liked some of the pieces, you can often purchase them for a discounted price, or just return all of them back in the container they send to you. Rather than using cardboard boxes, Nuuly uses reusable, cloth shipping boxes, which is just one of many of their sustainability initiatives.

Similar to thrifting in a way, renting clothes is also extremely sustainable. You’re almost “trading” clothes with people from all around the world, rather than all of you buying all new things. It’s a great way to bring new additions to your closet, but also help do your part to save the planet.

Signing up for Nuuly is extremely simple and their website is very user-friendly. First, you’ll sign up to become a Nuuly member, then you’ll be able to browse their extensive collection and be able to choose which six items you would like to receive for the month.

While Nuuly does not do exchanges, by looking at user reviews and photos, it can be easy to see how the items fit. You can also purchase multiple sizes or colors of the same item, as long as you don’t go over six total pieces.

Photo posted by @nuuly on Instagram

While renting clothes can seem a little strange at first, it’s a great way to try new trends, go for that bold statement piece or just spice up your closet a little bit.


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