Denim Trends for Fall That Aren’t Skinny Jeans

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Jeans are probably the most versatile and biggest bang for your buck item in your closet. While denim might be season-less, styles are always changing. The skinny jean has had its time to shine, but VALLEY is here to break down the more unique denim trends we are seeing this fall.

1. Baggy is Better
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We have seen a resurgence of the 2000s in other trends like the comeback of velour sweatsuits. However, this comfy jean style won’t have you missing your stretchy skinnies whatsoever. These slouchy silhouettes come in a variety of styles from high-waisted to slouchy cargo-pants. You can even look for a pair of distressed baggy jeans if you’re going for an even more relaxed look.

How to Style:

To remain autumn-ready, VALLEY recommends styling your baggy denim with a tiny purse, sunnies and crop top. Lastly, throw on an oversized jacket or flannel to stay warm.

2. Floor-Sweeping Flares
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The flare jeans look is definitely not new; however, this does not make it any less important to add to your denim collection. These leg-lengthening styles can also add more definition to other outfit pieces like your shoes, especially if you opt for a fun style like the split-hem flares.

How to Style:

For a bohemian fall look, pair your flared denim with a loose-fitting printed top, cute booties and lots of layered jewelry. Top it off with a statement belt or hat.

3. Trendy and Tapered
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Tapered jeans are ultra-trendy this fall because they go with so many other fall trends of the season. They are high rise, which makes them super flattering on everyone and will add just a dash of toughness to your look. For men, tapered jeans are also super flattering if you aren’t quite into the skinny-jean look.

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How to Style:

Girls–for an autumn look inspired by the 80s, tuck your tapered denim into your favorite chunky boots and pair with a leather jacket. Men—a simple t-shirt and jacket combo looks effortless and cool with this style of denim.



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