Sweatshirt Season Is Back

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Now that it is the fall, sweatshirt season is back in action. As soon as it hits October, people are rocking the oversized sweatshirts and hoodies. Whether it’s to class or to a workout, cute sweatshirts can make your outfit. Looking for new sweatshirts with cute designs? VALLEY has your back with some new brands with fun sweatshirts that you can rock to class. Keep reading to find some new brands with super cute styles!

Olive Lynn

Olive Lynn designs are all across social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok. Designed by Hanna Noelle, her small brand has designs and patterns that are original to the sweatshirt industry so if you have not heard about her before, check it out here.

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Shop Kairo

Shop Kairo is a small brand with simple and exclusive sweatshirts and hoodies that are unique to its brand. They come out with new clothing frequently, so there is usually never a design repeat. If you are looking for something original and a cute hoodie to pair with some fun pants, Shop Kairo is your place to look!

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Pull & Bear

If you are looking for more of a vintage look for your sweatshirts, Pull & Bear has you covered. They provide a variety of sweatshirts and hoodies to satisfy your needs! Compared to most stores, they are on the cheaper side, especially when it comes to the vintage look that they sell. If you are interested in more of their clothing, they also sell a variety of letterman-style jackets to tie along with the vintage looks!

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All three of these brands are perfect if you are looking for a variety of sweatshirt styles. Expand your closet and choose both comfortable and cute! If you end up checking out these brands or even purchasing a sweatshirt or hoodie, tag us in a picture @VALLEYmag, on Instagram!


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