Cow Print: Trendy or Timeless?

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In the past year, animal prints have gained back popularity in the fashion world. We’ve seen cheetah and leopard print become wildly popular where it was sold by almost every brand imaginable, but then it quickly died out. Zebra print gained its popularity next, where it became a unique hot commodity for college students and other young adults. We now have a new animal print upon us that is growing just as fast as the others: cow print. Does cow print have the potential to stay popular and become timeless, or will it just be another trend that we see disappearing shortly?

Past Prints

Cheetah, snake, tiger, zebra, leopard and even giraffe print have all been go-to staple pieces in the 1960s to 1980s. Men and women were seen wearing these prints left and right until the trend slowly died off after a few years. Cow print stands out from the other designs because it never had a time where it gained that same popularity. While other animal prints are getting back the popularity they once lost, cow print is a never-before-seen trend that could be more than just a micro trend.

The Future of Cow Print

When it comes to animal print, many designers stick with the classic cheetah, leopard and snakeskin prints. Cow print allows many designers to step away from these typical animal prints and create unique staples for your closet. Unlike the typical animal prints that have had their time to shine, cow print is getting the recognition it finally deserves. With several ways to design and style this new trend, cow-print has the potential to stay in the fashion industry for quite some time. 


Several brands are hopping onto this bandwagon by creating cow-printed clothing that is hard for us to keep our hands off of. Here are the best places to find cow prints from head to toe this year.


UGG slippers are a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. This year they added a new twist by releasing a cow-printed Tasman slipper that is perfect for the colder weather.

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Princess Polly

Whether you’re looking for pants or a new statement handbag, Princess Polly has you covered with multiple options to fill that cow print void in your closet.


Target decided to combine two 2021 trends by creating a cow-printed corset top that is perfect for any night out.

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Do you think cow print is just another micro-trend or is it here to stay? Tweet us your thoughts, @VALLEYmag, and show us how you have decided to style cow print this year. 


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