The Return of #RushTok

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Unless you were living under a rock in August of 2021, you probably saw the explosion of sorority recruitment TikTok videos that basically took over the app. Thousands of girls across the country were posting videos detailing every inch of their outfits for sorority recruitment, down to their shoes and jewelry. The majority of these girls were rushing in the South at schools like the University of Alabama. Thus, the hashtag #AlabamaRushTok was born. With spring semester officially in full swing, second-semester recruitment is well underway at dozens of schools across the country, including Penn State. Keep reading to see VALLEY’s favorite fashion trends from this new wave of #RushTok!

Leather Pants

One trend we’ve been seeing among the thousands of girls participating in formal recruitment this month has been leather pants. Whether the pants are white, black or a shade of brown, these pants have been everywhere on #RushTok. Even walking around Penn State’s campus this week you are guaranteed to see a dozen girls clad in a pair of leather pants, a nice top and the classic heeled booties.

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Unlike the bright neons and splashy florals that filled the Tiktok “For You” page in August, many of the midwestern and northeastern girls going through recruitment have adopted a much different color palette in comparison to their southern sisters. This semester, we are seeing a wave of neutrals—many girls are sticking to the basics. Black mini skirts, brown pants and white dresses seem to be all the rage this week.

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High-Heeled Booties

It is out with the sandals and in with the booties this semester. With temperatures dropping and snow constantly falling, high-heeled booties are the shoe every girl is wearing as you pass through the South Housing Complex on campus. You’d be hard-pressed to find a girl wearing open-toed anything in this weather!

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